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20 January 2021

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Anthropologist Job Description

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What does an anthropologist do?

Anthropologists study people in a larger setting. Instead of studying individuals, they study groups of people and learn more about their culture, language and general behavior. The information they gather is used to increase understanding of different cultures and to identify pressing problems of the same culture for a possible solution. They also study the culture’s past and learn how they change through time and/or influence other cultures.

Typical work activities of an anthropologist?

Since their work involves studying people, they are usually found in the field researching which is essential to learn more about a specific culture. They usually talk to people as they have to learn more about their behaviors and reactions to certain issues. Aside from researching in the field, they also look for important data about a certain culture which will require them to read about the language, history with current news and events.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in anthropology is the basic requirement for this career. Most colleges and universities offer a degree in anthropology with post graduate studies. Post graduate studies are also common in universities and colleges. These are necessary for those interested in becoming professors or would like to expand their expertise in other fields.

Where can I work as an anthropologist?

The biggest employers of anthropologists are in the education sector. Schools will require anthropologists not just for the degree in anthropology but also in other courses. Anthropologists can teach different subjects in school related to human behavior and even history. There are also private organizations that require the services of anthropologists for research purposes. An anthropologist could also work for non-government organizations as a community coordinator as they have better grasp of group settings.

Can I work for myself in this job?

An anthropologist can easily work on their own as a consultant. There are companies who will require their services for independent research. They can also be hired as trainers who work with different companies as they offer different types of training to motivate employees or test their capabilities based on their backgrounds.

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