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06 June 2020

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Architect Job Description

What does an architect do?

An architect designs buildings, houses and other structures. They are commissioned by a group of people or individuals who wanted well designed structures. These structures are not built just for aesthetic purposes but with functionality. An architect might also be commissioned to look over construction plans to make sure every specification is met. This task is often done with the help of an engineer who oversees the general construction of the design made by architect.

Typical work activities of an architect?

An architect is often seen working over their design on paper or in their computer. They often go through their paper drawings with complete specifications which should be followed when implemented. Aside from working directly on paper, they could also transfer their work on computers. An architect could also be seen working on site where they make sure their plans are properly implemented.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in architecture is a must for those considering this career. The degree usually requires five years of education and training where students are constantly exposed to different types of structures and how they can be properly designed. After five years of training and education, an aspiring architect has to pass the licensure exam. Success in the industry often comes with experience as people often prefer to work with architects that have worked on some projects in the past.

Where can I work as an architect?

An architect can work for the government, private companies and individuals. They can be hired by the government to work on different projects or work in behalf of the government to inspect government-funded constructions. Aside from designing structures for companies and private individuals, an architect can also work as teachers with schools that offer architectural degrees and will require the services of licensed architects.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Many architects work independently after setting up their own construction company or architecture firm. They can also work as freelance architects working for different institutions that would require his or her services to design a structure.

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