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20 November 2019

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Astronomer Job Description

What does an astronomer do?

Astronomers study the stars, plants and other heavenly bodies. They are constantly on a lookout for new stars and planets as well as monitoring changes of these heavenly bodies. Their work often requires them to use highly sophisticated monitoring devices and telescopes so that they can look at heavenly bodies the way it can’t be seen by naked eyes. They also work to increase awareness and understanding on how the stars and planets teach us about our past and future.

Typical work activities of an astronomer?

An astronomer’s work is more than just looking at the stars and planets. They are constantly researching about the stars and planets so that they can determine the earth’s past and its state in the future in relation to other heavenly bodies. This is the reason why researchers are constantly monitoring stars activities and learn more about the factors that affected the birth and even death of a star. They often collaborate with other scientists so that they could receive and provide information that could be useful for their studies.

Training and education requirements?

Astronomers are required to have a degree in astronomy. Physics can also be a good starting degree for the same field. Because this type of career requires extensive knowledge of the stars, plants and other factors, post graduate education is a must. Many, if not all, astronomers have a doctorate degree in astronomy. While in post graduate studies; students who aspire to become astronomers work with schools often for research purposes and training.

Where can I work as an astronomer?

Astronomers can work around the world for different non-government organizations or private companies as researchers. The most popular government entity that hires astronomers is NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in USA. Astronomers can also work with different schools as professors in physics and related sciences.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Many astronomers work independently through research grants from different universities and organizations. They can also publish studies and articles in different magazines on their discoveries and theories.

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