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13 November 2019

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Attorney Job Description

What does an attorney do?

An attorney provides legal advice to individuals who require proper representation in legal proceedings. As an attorney, they make sure that they clients (organization or individuals) receive maximum representation offered by the law. They are also in charge in drafting and reviewing legal documents to be signed by their clients.

Typical work activities of an attorney?

Attorneys often work directly with their clients as they have to provide legal advice to ensure their clients do not do something illegal or against the law. They can be seen representing their client in legal proceedings such as the court or during negotiations. Attorneys also conduct research especially when they represent individuals that will require proof for certain accusations and/or claims. Attorneys also are expert in drafting documents that protects the interest of their clients.

Training and education requirements?

An attorney cannot work without any license from the government. To gain this license, they have to pass the bar examination. A law degree is also a requirement before they are allowed to take the said examination.

Training for this type of position is often done during college while trying to complete a law degree. Students often work as paralegal or assistants to attorneys. As a paralegal they initially talk to possible clients where they screen their case to determine if the attorney can handle the task. They also conduct research in behalf of the attorney for specific laws and securing legal documentation.

Where can I work as an attorney?

Government and private institutions will require the services of an attorney. For the government, attorneys will work as representatives for the government for different transactions. They can also work as prosecutors for different criminal cases. Attorneys are also hired by the government so that those who cannot afford a lawyer will still be represented. Private institutions or companies will also require the services of an attorney so that they will be properly represented in different legal transactions.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Attorneys can work for themselves. They can work for different companies and individuals who require representation and legal advice.

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