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04 June 2020

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Auditor Job Description

What does an auditor do?

The name of the position implies its role – an auditor is in charge of inspecting or auditing transactions. Their primary goal is to make sure that the transactions made are according to specifications and agreement. They usually work with financial statements or they could also come out to inspect the product involved in the transaction. They are also in charge of balancing the budget or checking every resource used is accounted.

Typical work activities of an auditor?

An auditor often goes through various financial documents to ensure that the resources were used properly. They examine not just the breakdown of expenses but even the receipts just to make sure a purchase was actually made. They also work with accountants to determine if the budget balances with the expenses. An auditor could also work on field where they take a closer look at the materials declared or purchased. They make sure that the objects indicated on paper are the same in the actual package.

Training and education requirements?

An auditor is usually has a degree in accounting. Since their job is mostly on determining accuracy of financial transactions, they have to be familiar with these processes. An accounting degree can easily prepare anyone for an auditing position. Additional training could be required in becoming an auditor as they have to be familiar not only for the financial transactions but also the products they need to evaluate for accuracy. For this reason, auditors usually start out as accountants to gain experience for auditing position.

Where can I work as an auditor?

Private companies and government jobs constantly require the services of an auditor. Businesses will always need the help of an internal auditor to make sure that every department is properly using their resources. The government will also require the services of an auditor to make sure that the purchases and use of resources are according to the law.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Auditors can work as freelancers as there are institutions that require the services of a 3rd party auditor to ensure proper transaction.

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