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01 June 2020

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Automotive Body Repairer Job Description

What does an automotive body repairer do?

An automotive body repairer is in charge of repairing the vehicles external shell or layer. A car could experience a slight accident and a small dent would make the car look bad. An automotive body repairer deals with this type of problem to make sure the car would look like it just came from their car dealer.

Typical work activities of an automotive body repairer?

An automotive body repairer works with different clients that require special repair for their car. They troubleshoot the body of the vehicle in order to determine how the specific dent will be repaired. A body repairer would often work with different tools or equipment that could deal with the specific dent. Aside from repairing the vehicle’s body, they can also work to improve the vehicle by adding different body parts.

Training and education requirements?

Body repair work doesn’t require a degree but anyone who wants to establish a reputation immediately should consider automotive mechanics. A body repairer often relies on their experience on how to deal with different body problems of the vehicle. This is the reason why training is highly emphasized for automotive body repairer. Aside from experience, they are also required to have the right body. Automotive body repairs will often require handling of heavy equipment and dealing with the vehicle’s body is not light work.

Where can I work as an automotive body repairer?

Car manufacturers and car shops constantly hire automotive body repairers. They need body repairers as their clients would come to their shop with different types of problems. One of those problems is dents and damages made in their vehicle. Car dealers would also need the aid of automotive body repairers as new car owners could come back if their car is damaged during service warranty period.

Can I work for myself in this job?

As long as the automotive body repairer has the right tool, they can work in freelance or set-up a shop at home. They can establish a business at home using their skills to deal with different dents and body damages in vehicles.

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