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02 April 2020

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Biochemists Job Description

What does a biochemist do?

Biochemists are biologists with specialization on chemistry. They study living things but they focus on the chemical reaction and processes involved in the body of living things. Biochemists often work to discover new chemical processes that affect important factors of living things such as reproduction, genetics and heredity. Findings made by biochemists could be used to formulate medicine or create a new strategy to for healing or to simply address the problems of nature.

Typical work activities of a biochemist?

A biochemist often works in the laboratory where they conduct their testing and research of chemical interaction on animals and plants. They analyze the food production and determine how it can affect the animals and plants to a certain degree. Some biochemists could also work on the field where they gather information on the habitat that could provide clues on certain chemical reaction on their subject. Many biochemists are part of a university where they conduct their research and teach at the same time.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in biology or chemistry is a must for this job. Complementing this degree is post graduate studies on. More often than not, scientists and professors on the biochemistry have doctoral degrees where they studied another branch of the subject. A doctoral degree is also a requirement for those aspiring to become teachers in this field.

Training and experience often comes with education. Post graduate students work under their professors and other biochemists to learn more and gain experience on handling species, conduct tests and gathering results.

Where can I work as a biochemist?

A biochemist can work for the government or private institutions. They can work for the government for research purposes. Private institutions also hire biochemists for research but they are keen on applied research where they can use the finding for business. Biochemists, especially those with doctoral degrees, can work for different universities as professors.

Can I work for myself in this job?

A biochemist can work independently through research grants and consultations. They can also work independently by writing articles for different science publications.

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