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07 June 2020

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Biokineticist Job Description

What does a biokineticist do?

A biokineticist is an expert in determining the physical condition of an individual through various laboratory testing. They can also help different individuals who wanted to improve their health condition and physique. They can help through evaluation of lifestyle and provide recommendation on specific activities based on the target body structure. Biokineticists can also work to actively monitor or provide close supervision to exercises and other activities related to well being.

Typical work activities of a biokineticist?

A biokineticist often evaluates their client’s physical capability by conducting a battery of tests. The data they receive are sent to other medical specialists that requires the said data. The biokineticist can also evaluate the current state of a client in order to determine the right type of activities to improve their body. A biokineticist would also work for people with injuries to determine the extent of damage and know if the recommended medicine and medical procedure had some effect.

Training and Education Requirements

A degree in physical therapy and related studies is ideal for this position. A degree in biomechanics and human movement science can also work for this type of job. But aside from a degree, extensive training and experience is required. Since this job requires precision and knowledge of the human body, each candidate for the job should have extensive experience and training. More often than not, training for these candidates are obtained while in college or as trainees in hospitals and related facilities.

Where can I work as a biokineticist?

Biokineticists do not only work for medical facilities. They can also work for large companies that require the services of physically capable individuals. They are hired to constantly evaluate the physical well being of their employees. A good example is a sports team wherein the biokineticist would work to evaluate if the injured player is fit to play.

Can I work for myself in this job?

A biokineticist could work as a private practitioner working with different clients who wanted further evaluation and guidance for a fit body. They can work with various businesses that will require a biokineticist’s services.

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