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03 July 2020

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Biologists Job Description

What does a biologist do?

Biologists are researchers, teachers and scientists that focus their study on living things. They study plants, animals and humans where they determine their physical make-up and other factors that explain their state. A biologist would often try to explain certain activities and behaviors of different living things. They could also become specialists on a specific field related to biology. Instead of a general subject of biology, they could focus on plants, animals, water-based animals and other groups of living things.

Typical work activities of a biologist?

As a scientist, biologists often find themselves working in different countries studying different life forms. As researchers, they integrate what they learn on the field through lab testing and further studies. Their latest findings are often presented in a journal where they provide complete information about their recent discovery. A biologist could also share their knowledge in a classroom where they also work as teachers or professors.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in biology is the ideal starting point for biologist. But more often than not, a bachelor’s degree alone is not enough for a full time career as a biologist. Advanced studies leading to masters and doctoral degree are required as a biologist often proceed to learn specific areas of biology. Aside from the educational requirement, a biologist with an expertise still has to go through rigorous training and internship with different established scientists in different fields.

Where can I work as a biologist?

A bachelor’s degree in biology is an ideal educational requirement for a teaching career in high school for science and related subjects. Advanced studies, on the other hand, is a qualification for college teaching jobs. A biologist could also work for non-government organizations, business interested in wildlife preservation and the government as they provide further finding that would improve public knowledge about different species.

Can I work for myself in this job?

An established biologist could work as a consultant for different organizations or gain a research grant to work on their field. They can also work independently by publishing materials related to their expertise.

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