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26 November 2020

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Biomedical Engineer Job Description

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What does a biomedical engineer do?

A biomedical engineer designs and develops instruments for medical purposes. They work with different medical specialists that may require a unique instrument for specific medical procedure. The can also help manufacture popular instruments for hospitals and doctors where they usually supervise to make sure the instruments are made according to expected quality. They also learn about the evolving challenges of the medical field and try to develop instruments that would deal with these challenges.

Typical work activities of a biomedical engineer?

Biomedical engineers constantly research on the latest medical challenges. After learning these challenges they conceptualize a design that could deal with this problem. They create a detailed description and design including a 3D image of the product they are planning. With the approval of a medical professional, they could proceed to production where they will work to control quality. They also help in testing the said equipment so that they could make some adjustments if necessary.

Training and education requirements?

Because this type of career is highly specialized, a biomedical engineer will have to earn degrees in two fields: engineering and a degree related to medicine. They should have a degree in engineering which requires them to study no less than 4-years to earn a degree and they also have to learn a degree related to medicine such as biology. Post graduate studies are highly recommended for biomedical engineers.

Where can I work as a biomedical engineer?

Biomedical engineers can work for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and businesses that manufacture medical instruments. Many biomedical engineers work as researchers and developers for these companies as they plan and test different instruments before releasing them for medical use. The degrees earned by biomedical engineers also qualify them for a teaching job in different universities.

Can I work for myself in this job?

A biomedical engineer can work independently by becoming a consultant for different companies that specialize in medical instrumentation. There is also a rise of research grants for biomedical engineers that allow them to freely develop medical instruments.

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