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06 July 2020

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Bookkeeper Job Description

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper is in charge of keeping track financial transactions of businesses or an institution. They make sure that money earned and spent is properly accounted. A bookkeeper is also in charge of safekeeping financial records for future references. They also get in contact with their employer’s clients as they send out invoice and follow-up on payments.

Typical work activities of a bookkeeper?

Handling “books” or finances of a business and institution is the main responsibility of a bookkeeper. They constantly ask different departments for accounting reports so that the data could be added to the records. The bookkeeper scrutinizes these reports to ensure every cent is spent for business purposes and not against the policies of the business. A bookkeeper could also keep the invoice records to ensure that their client would be properly charged for the services and products rendered.

Training and education requirements?

Accounting degree is the basic educational requirement for this line of work. Since bookkeeping focuses on ensuring smooth financial transactions, an accounting degree holder is an ideal bookkeeper. But aside from completing a degree in accounting, many bookkeepers are CPAs or Certified Public Accountants. A CPA has not only earned a degree in economics but also passed the government examination specifically for accountants.

Experience is also valued in this line of work as bookkeepers have to deal with different financial situations. Aside from basic accounting work, there are bookkeepers in charge of filing taxes and other documentation related to finances.

Where can I work as a bookkeeper?

Any business, government and non-government institution requires the services of a bookkeeper. There is a high demand for this line of work as bookkeepers are essential for the business and institutions to function and even survive. The demand is also high because it’s a strenuous job and highly demanding because it requires consistent accuracy in finances.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Bookkeepers can also work for individuals who require assistance with their finances. There are also bookkeepers who work for different companies as 3rd party bookkeepers.

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