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28 March 2020

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Botanist Job Description

What does a botanist do?

A botanist is a scientist that focuses on plants. Studying plants is a very big subject as botanist does not only study their living conditions but even the processes involved for their survival. They could also work to discover new species of plants and properly classifying the newly discovered specie. Many botanists also work on improving the health conditions of plants especially those important for human existence such as plants for food and medicine.

Typical work activities of a botanist?

Botanists work in a laboratory where they study the physical make up of a plant. They conduct tests to determine its process on how it protects itself from harm and on how it develop itself on a controlled environment. A botanist may also work on the field where they conduct experiments on plants. Some botanists also travel to different places around the world where they try to discover new plant species. Botanists can also work as teachers in different universities and colleges.

Training and education requirements?

A degree in botany is a requirement for this line of work. But scientists that work as botanists don’t stop on a bachelor’s degree. They take advanced or post graduate studies in the same field until they reach doctoral degree with a specialization related to botany. Training and experience for botanists happen during their post graduate studies where they experience more hands-on approach on studying plants.

Where can I work as a botanist?

A botanist can work for government and private institution because of their expertise on plants. The government needs the services of a botanist because of the botanist’s scientific approach in dealing with different problems related to agriculture. Private institutions will also require the services of botanists especially those who harness the capability of plants for medicine. Botanists can also become professors because of their expertise in a specific field.

Can I work for myself in this job?

A botanist can work as consultants to different companies and businesses. They can also obtain research grants from various institutions where they can freely conduct their scientific experiments and discoveries.

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