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26 May 2020

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Bus Driver Job Description

What does a bus driver do?

A bus driver brings passengers to their preferred destinations using a bus as a means of transportation. The passengers are usually brought to their destination on the scheduled time and the bus driver makes sure that the schedule is followed or else the bus scheduled for the day will be affected. More often than not, bus drivers are also in charge of troubleshooting in case of a breakdown while on the road.

Typical work activities of a bus driver?

Bus drivers are not your typical drivers. They are in charge of keeping the bus safe and clean as well as ensuring their passengers get to their desired destination on time without any problem. The bus driver has to maintain order while on the road. Some bus drivers even take care of entertainment as they select the movie for the travelers.

There are also bus drivers that work for a tour company. Instead of taking their passengers to their desired destination for business purposes, the passengers are taken to interesting place within the area. The bus driver acts as a tour guide as he or she explains the significance of the area or structure. There are also bus drivers that work for a specific company or school so their work is limited to taking the students or employees to school or work.

Training and education requirements?

A college degree is not required for bus drivers. However, bus drivers should have proper licenses before they can operate a large vehicle. Licenses for large vehicles are only dispensed to drivers with skills and experience. There are also bus drivers that will be required to pass an exam before they could be hired. These are usually bus lines that have very specific route, time of arrival and departure.

Where can I work as a bus driver?

A bus driver often works for bus lines. But there are also bus drivers that found employment in schools and large companies as operators of their school and company transportation. Tour companies would often require the services of a bus driver.

Can I work for myself a bus driver?

Self employment is possible if the driver has the financial capability to purchase a bus. A bus driver can set-up a company that offers touring and travel services to organizations.

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