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17 February 2020

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City Treasurer Job Description

What does a city treasurer do?

A city treasurer is charge of the city’s finances. He or she oversees the government spending in the city – making sure that the money spent is according to plan. The city treasurer also ensures proper collection of taxes in the city which is very important as this is the main source of funds for local projects. A city treasurer would be requested to provide information to the public about the city’s budgets on specific activities and projects.

Typical work activities of a city treasurer?

A city treasurer often directs government employees working under the finance department. This means the city treasurer oversees the operations related to financial transactions. For example, a city treasurer would talk to the auditor to properly account spending or the city treasurer would talk to the accountant to ensure proper recording of money coming in and out. The city treasurer also participates in city planning meeting as he or she provides information on the available resources the city can use.

Training and education requirements?

A city treasurer could have a business related degree. Although it’s preferable that the city treasurer should have a CPA, the position is usually offered to individuals who have been in government work for many years. What is important in this position is on familiarity with government processes. This is the reason why master’s on public administration is also a recommended post graduate degree.

Experience is often taken into consideration more than a business related degree. City treasurers are more than accountants – they work with the government so that the appropriate funds will be spent on a specific project. With too many factors to consider, only an experienced government employee can tackle the challenge.

Where can I work as a city treasurer?

A city treasurer works for the government. Since a city usually only has one city treasurer, competition is very fierce.

Can I work for myself in this job?

A city treasurer cannot work independently or become a freelance treasurer.

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