Accountant - City Of Johannesburg Metro

2019/11/19 7:41:47 PM
Accountant (Municipal Accounts)
Location Braamfontein, Johannesburg
Department Finance
Reporting to Managers

Key Performance Areas
1 Accounts Payable

a. Capturing:
i. Capturing municipal invoices on Oracle

b. Reviewing:
i. Ensuring municipal statements agree to Oracle balances
ii. Validating municipal invoices
• Verify correct consumption charged at correct tariff from correct category

c. Reconciliations:
i. Ensuring a municipal supplier statement is on file for each account for each month
ii. Updating an excel expense analysis per buildings to monitor whether charges are correct (especially where council corrects billings and the reversal relates to prior months)
iii. Ensuring company policy is adhered to as regards payment submission for utilities
• All utilities are paid future dated
• NO interest costs should be incurred
• Utility invoices must be signed as evidence of review
iv. Review that payment is only effected on correctly approved invoices (signed )
v. Meeting with the council to ensure that corrections that are required get processed
• Following the correct escalation process with the council when corrections are not done

d. Monthly reporting
i. Running a creditors age analysis report after each pay cycle to review
• Investigate unpaid items and ensure recon on file
ii. Maintaining query database and reporting on open call status to FM and GFM monthly
iii. Maintaining the municipal account and consumption database
iv. Monthly municipal cost and consumption reporting
v. Third-party test meter data analysis and assist in identifying faults and cost-saving opportunities
vi. Follow up and reporting on cost-saving initiatives progress

e. Payment Cycles
i. Payment cycle dates and submissions - ensure adherence to 13.00 deadline
ii. Review of supplier payment batches (EFT) - payment batch agreed to recon amounts/ supplier bank details per paperwork / final status on STD bank online
• Saving a soft copy of final EFT batches as retained proof of payment
iii. Co-ordination and control over submission of payment summary for >R350k Wednesday by 10.00

2 Municipal Account Maintenance
a. Maintain softcopy of council policy documents and tariff increases each year
i. Audit implementation thereof
b. Open new municipal accounts for new acquisitions
c. Close municipal accounts and collect refunds re: all disposals
d. The timeous raising of queries/disputes with the council.
i. Reporting on progress made regularly with management (issues tracker/register)
e. Process clearance payments and ensure monthly recon prepared of sundry debtor captured until refund received.
i. Request refund from council
ii. Reporting on progress made regularly with management

3 Municipal Recoveries Reporting
a. Submission of relevant statements to debtors for billing purposes
b. Capturing and reconciliation of Netvendor recoveries
c. Assistance in commercial, retail and residential recovery analysis

4 Accruals
a. Maintenance of monthly meter reading submissions – soft copy
i. Submission of actual meter readings to the council where the account is not correct (photo)
b. Completion of accrual workings schedule for approval and review by FM
i. Monthly trend analysis - billed vs actual: municipal accrual required?
ii. Extract calculations for YTD cost to ensure reasonableness

5 General Ledger
a. Assist with month-end journals required for utility corrections
6 Bank and Cash
a. Co-ordination and control over ensuring all ad hoc payments processed outside the system have been communicated to FA - & capture & reconcile.
b. Co-ordination and control over ensuring all bank recon items communicated by Snr Bookkeeper/FA are cleared timeously

Minimum experience and requirements:

• Matric
• National Diploma – Bcom Accounting /Related
• A degree is an added advantage

• At least 3 years in a similar position (Please read KPAs)
• Verbal and Written Communication Skills
• Computer Literate
o Advanced Excel Knowledge
o Oracle knowledge will be beneficial

• Verbal and Written Communication skills
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to work in a fast pace environment and work under pressure
• Ability to take initiative
• Team player
• Planning and Organising skills
• Proactive and Innovative
• Attention to detail
• Professionalism
• Deadline Driven
• Time Management

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