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4.1 Armed Response

4.1.1 When confronted with a threat situation, the employee must respond in line with the Standard Operating Procedures and all governing laws, always prioritizing the lives of the individuals involved.
4.1.2 React to threats without posing a risk to the public.
4.1.3 Follow the company policies and procedures when reporting incidents.
4.1.4 React immediately to all relevant alarms of Combined Private Investigations or its clients.

4.1.5 If the alarm is positive, assess the situation and keep the Control Room and fellow colleagues/tactical teams and senior personnel informed at all times of any new activity.
4.1.6 Perform arrests on any intruders or other offenders, they are to be kept in your custody.
4.1.7 Liaise with the SAPS, management and other relevant parties to ensure that the suspects are handed over to the SAPS in a lawful manner.
4.1.8 Ensure that the response times are according to the stipulated SOP’s.
4.1.9 React immediately to situations where any member of the public’s life is in danger.
4.1.10 Ensure the safety of all members (this includes the public) by checking premises thoroughly.
4.1.11 Take detailed notes of all activity at the crime scene, take photos and conduct a full investigation on the scene.
4.1.12 Report back to the Control Room regarding the request for response.
4.1.13 Conduct client reconnaissance as and when required.
4.1.14 Execute waylay operations as and when required.

4.2 Reporting:

4.2.1 Record all incidents to the control room and senior personnel with full details as prescribed in the Standard Operating Procedure as well as to the NOC.
4.2.2 Do a proper hand over at the end of each shift.
4.2.3 Ensure that the firearm and vehicle is handed over according to company policies and procedures.
4.2.4 Inform the relevant parties of any discrepancies; follow up actions taken and the progress thereof.

4.3 Site checks:

4.3.1 Do regular site inspections (Daily) and ensure to cover all the vulnerable areas.
4.3.2 Ensure visibility at standoff points and during area patrols.
4.3.3 Conduct continuous patrols during the duration of the shift, patrols must be done effectively to ensure a visible security service to curb crime.
4.3.4 Ensure that suspicious activity is reported to control room and NOC at all times.
4.3.5 Investigate or respond to unusual or suspicious circumstances (this may include taking photos of the site).
4.3.6 Assist to prevent theft, arson, sabotage, vandalism and crime in general in the area.
4.3.7 Inform the Control Room about any defects or defaults to any site or area.

4.4 Crime Prevention:

4.4.1 Develop and foster an interactive relationship with internal and external crime affiliated third parties, law enforcement agencies and clients to combat and minimize criminal activities.
4.4.2 Formulate relevant preventative measures to minimize crime related risks.
4.4.3 Do extensive and proactive research into the core reasons for relevant criminal activities.
4.4.4 Make recommendations to fight criminal activities.
4.4.5 Evaluate the protection status on hot spot areas and report it to the NOC with recommendations on how to fight these criminal activities.

4.5 General:

4.5.1 Liaise with clients, management, and colleagues to ensure smooth running of all operations.
4.5.2 Ensure that client complaints and requests are handled efficiently.
4.5.3 Ensure that the company vehicle is neat and tidy at all times and up to date with its service plan.
4.5.4 Ensure that clients are treated with the utmost sense of respect and dignity, maintain the professional image of the company at all times.