Contract Specialist - Port Elizabeth Verfied

Salary Negotiable Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape more than 14 days ago 30-05-2022 10:40:52 AM
25-07-2022 10:40:52 AM
Vacancy: Contract Specialist
Town: Port Elizabeth
Salary: Market Related

We are looking for an experienced Contract Specialist for a National Company in Port Elizabeth.

Purpose of the Position:
The Contract Specialist will be responsible to manage and improve all contract related processes within the Group as well as drafting and assisting with contracts, drafting of letters, implement and monitor projects, facilitating training of the contract department, implementing standardized practices and improving efficiencies.
The Contract Specialist will act as the internal controller of the contract department and its functions within the Group. Other duties will include cooperating with different departments to increase contract department’s service performance and reviews to ensure standards are adhered to and contracts are managed.

Minimum Requirements:
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in preparing, validating, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts.
A law degree with completed articles will be advantageous.
Ability to interpret Acts and subordinate legislation and apply to applicable contents.

Characteristics of Applicant:
Project and end goal driven,
Very strong administrative skills with excellent communication skills
Ability to lead and supervise people

Daily, Weekly, and monthly tasks:
Maintain and monitor SP’s whose banking is not yet updated at the various Department of Labours.
Assist in resolving and communicating with CF officials to resolve banking challenges and linking issues.
Assist Regional Managers of Groups with letters to red flag SP and other legal matters.
Monitor and manage the contract flow of new SP between REPs, contract department, finance, and operations.
Develop and change existing contract management processes to improve efficiency of the contract department.
Assist in drafting addendums or new contract related matters.
Guide, advise and assist contract assistants and administrators with difficult contractual and administrative matters.
Ensure that the team supports and complies with the obligations to our clients, staff and any third parties.
Assist and ensure that communication from contract department is clear, detailed, and professional.
Internal Systems:
Assist with tickets for internal technical problems in the contract department
Initiate, manage, and implement enhancements to the various systems as required for contractual efficiency.
Administration and supervising:
Guide and advise contract assistants and administrators on best practice.
Manage, support, guide and audit contract team record keeping.
Report on work performance & conduct to the Legal Compliance Officer for performance reviews.
Handle requests of the contract team for Flexi & leave in consultation with the Legal Compliance Officer.
Development & Training:
Train any new team member in the contract team and assist with contract and legal training to new external staff.
Provide continuous training to contract administrators and assistants.
Update the team on systems or processes within the department is changed or enhanced.
Encourage the empowerment of Contract Administrators and Contract Assistants with knowledge to improve the quality of their decision making and to allow them to become more independent of your input.
Special projects:
Assign, manage and assist with any special projects on instruction from Management.
Implement, identify suitable staff to assist and monitor the projects till finalizations.