Data Analyst - Pretoria

Job Title; Data Analyst
Location Pretoria

Purpose statement
Extract, analyse and report on data to identify trends, increase sales and guide management in making business decisions.
Reports to: Head of Commission and Data

Primary KPAs
1) Data processing and integrity
2) System
3) Analysis and Reporting

Data processing and integrity
1. Extract and evaluate data from a single or multiple data sources.
2. Continuously assess data quality and integrity via predefined parameters and communicate incomplete data or quality breaches to the
relevant HODS.
3. Develop new data collection and analysis parameters, as may be required by the business divisions.
4. Assist the HOD to source additional data from financial advisors, products providers or other external sources as and when required.
5. Ensure that data is always received on time for reporting purposes (ie AUA reports).

1. Identify gaps and errors in the data and take initiative to request, collect and correct data discrepancies.
2. Assist the HOD to develop, test and populate reporting dashboards.
3. Assist the HOD with the development of the reporting module to automate and simplify access to data.
4. Process the data into a format that can be used to perform accurate analysis.

Analysis and Reporting
1. Extract raw data from a central data source to monitor business or individual performances.
2. Prepare reports for presentation to various departments in the company and group. Some reports have custom templates and some reports
will require ad hoc data analysis.
3. Assess correctness of reports before distributing monthly, quarterly and ad hoc reports to financial advisors, management and project
leaders in line with deadlines.
4. Assist the HOD to present the story (context) behind the data to management and colleagues in an easy-to-understand format.
5. Assist the HOD with the key findings and recommendations resulting from data analysis.
6. Provide support to his/her manager during projects, for eg: check on and communicate process automation progress, test report
development and automation, monitor adherence to data project task deadlines.
7. Analyse data and reports to extract meaningful insights which can be used to better understand and improve business performance.
8. Design, test and implement new reports in conjunction with your HOD, as per business division requirement.

Job evaluation criteria
Formal education
A relevant qualification (Diploma or degree) in statistics or data analysis.

Minimum 2 years in a data and/or reporting position in the financial services sector

Core requirements
Competencies Knowledge
1. Excellent MS Office suite proficiency (Advanced MS Excel skills).
2. Understand various financial product categories and the transaction flow between client engagement and commission payment
3. Experience in data models and visualisation reporting packages.
4. Knowledge of a commission processing system will be advantageous
5. Proficient in English (knowledge of Afrikaans is beneficial as communication with financial advisors will occur) Skills and Attributes

Skills and Attributes
1. Methodical and logical
2. Analytical mind and inclination for problem-solving
3. A self-starter who is keen to be proactive and work independently
4. An inquisitive personality and not hesitant to ask questions
5. Diligent and organised
6. Good communication skills for engaging with advisors, senior management and provide ongoing feedback
7. The ability to plan work and meet deadlines
8. Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

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