2019/10/22 6:18:40 AM
Zimbabwe area / Mozambique area

We are looking for a hardcore game ranger with a passion for the environment and the protecting of animals. If you are willing to work away from home for 6-8 months of the year, love living in the bush, and you think you have what it takes, then please make contact.

This role will be based outside of South Africa, the Ranger could be moved between operations and geographic regions. NB

The following requirements must be met:
- Must have previous experience of living in the bush for extended periods of time, carrying out counter poaching operations
- Must have knowledge of the use of firearms
- Be comfortable patrolling and sleeping out on the ground.
- Must have excellent Communication skills in English. Conversational knowledge of Portugese; Shangaan; or Shona; Zulu would be beneficial.
- Valid unendorsed driving license
- Non-smoker and non-drinker
- High self-disciplined with the ability to work independently

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