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Job Title Group Financial Manager
Location Pretoria
Employment Permanent

Purpose statement
Responsible for the financial reporting and control in all aspects of the Finance function. This may include a group of entities (herein referred to as the Cluster)

Reports to:
1st Line: Chief Financial Officer

1st Line: 1xFinancial Controller, 1xAccountant, 1xSenior Bookkeeper and 1xJunior Bookkeeper.
2nd Line: 1xDivisional Financial manager and 1xDivisional Financial Controller.

Level of authority assigned
• General level of authority of R10 000 as Head of Department
• All necessary authority to perform duties as the Head of the Finance function
• Authority as delegated by Managing Director or Group Financial Director

Job objective
Accountable for the accurate and timeous reporting of financial information of the Group consolidated financial reports to the Group Management Board (“GMB”). Oversee the financial controls of the Group by managing finance subordinates and implementing and improving financial controls. Reviewing and processing complex accounting entries, managing cash flows and preparing and monitoring budgets. Facilitate and manage audits from a Group perspective.

Procurement and suppliers:
• Responsible for the oversight of the procurement process, ensuring that resources are adequately assigned and that the controls in place are sufficient to ensure adherence to the Group's policies, procedures, budget limits and Levels of Authority regarding goods and services procured.
• Takes ownership of change management and recommendation of additional controls and process checks to executive and Group management.

General accounting records and reconciliations:
• Reviews the accounting records of all Group entities to assert whether they are materially valid, accurate and complete.
• Responsible for oversight of the accounting process of all Group entities and to ensure that proper controls are designed and operate effectively to ensure that the accounting records are not materially misstated and that they are prepared efficiently and timeously.
• Ensures the safeguarding of Group assets.
• Responsible for the review of periodic records including balance sheet reconciliations of all Group entities.
• Analyses complex non-routine transactions including new accounting Standards, Pronouncements and Interpretations and assesses their impact in their business, including the provision of the implementation plan.

Management information:
• Reviews all management information prepared (management accounts, budgets and other) to ensure accuracy and proper analysis thereof
• Is proactive in addressing the information needs of the users of financial information in the business
• Prepares reports, summaries or presentations to accompany the management information prepared for executive management
• Responsible for ensuring that the team has appropriate resources, guidance and a project plan to execute the requirements timeously

Sales function:
• Performs analytic reviews of revenue, gross contribution and Assets Under and provides commentary for reporting purposes where necessary
• Performs analytic reviews of revenue, gross contribution and Assets Under and provides commentary for reporting purposes where necessary

Treasury and financial soundness:
• Reviews cash flow and financial soundness information prepared and reports thereon
• Ensures that cash flow reporting addresses requirements from Group and that forecasted dividend and loan repayments are accurate
• Responsible for putting in place controls to ensure financial soundness compliance and that cash flow shortages are identified timeously
• Responsible for ensuring optimal use of the working capital cycle
• Works together with Company Secretarial to ensure that resolutions are maintained for dividend declarations and financial assistance advanced
• Engages with and provides to Compliance all financial information for reporting to the relevant regulatory bodies (example: FSCA)

• General oversight of the taxation function to ensure that controls are designed and operating effectively to submit accurate information to SARS within a timely manner
• Resolves more complex areas of tax compliance queried during audits or SARS inquiries
• Analyses tax treatments of complex non-routine transactions or works with others in the Group (including consultants) to do so
• Review tax computations monthly and Income Tax return before submission to SARS

Audit and year-end:
• Responsible for monitoring team's ability to meet Group and auditor's deadlines and ensure that audit queries are resolved timeously
• Review of annual financial statements
• Oversight of all other year-end information prepared (example: Financial data for Integrated Report)
• Is overall responsible for the leadership, guidance, direction, deliverables and timelines set for the project

Special projects:
• Is overall responsible for the leadership, guidance, direction, deliverables and timelines set for the project

Strategic and other areas:
• Leads meetings
• Communication with persuasion required and to executive/top level management
• Decision making requires extensive research, is risky, requires recommendation analysis and may become complex and might impact the longevity of the business
• Knowledge demonstrated spreads across various functions and is almost bordering on "specialist/expert"
• Influences policies and strategy
• Extensive negotiation at various levels
• Training and development of Finance department
• Takes charge of presenting reports, summaries and presentations to executive management
• Evaluates the adequacy of resources, financial tools and systems; identifies and actions gaps/deficiencies
• Works with the executive management to ensure that the finance function's strategy is aligned to that of the business and that reporting thereon is facilitated
• Ensure that all contractual arrangements and legislation is adhered to

Other :
• Oversee the payroll function
• Support the Chief Financial Officer where necessary

• Support the divisional finance teams
• Co-ordinate Internal Audit Function and follow up findings
• Reporting financial covenants to funders
• Co-ordinate the annual Budget process and preparation of budget presentation
• Co-ordinating the Group’s short term and professional indemnity policy renewal
Job Evaluation Criteria Formal Education
• Chartered Accountant (CA) Accountant (CMA)
• Accreditation to be maintained with regulated body

• 8 to 10 years’ experience in finance function post articles
Critical Competencies
Skills and attributes
Accounting principles and practices Attention to detail
Proficiency in relevant computer skills in Accuracy
Evolution, Excel, Outlook, Word Planning and
PowerPoint organising
Follow processes and procedures Disciplined
Problem analyzing Problem solving
Good communication

Skills and assertive

Able to work under pressure Methodical
Active learner

Be flexible to work outside of normal working hours when required
Travel when required to do so

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted