SOS Children’s Villages South Africa

Mission of the position:
The Head of Fund Development pursues opportunities within South Africa to raise money to cover the SOS SA’s programmes, running costs and investments, from institutional donors, private, corporate and public sector donations in order to establish, diversify and increase the financial self-sufficiency of SOS. In addition the incumbent is responsible contributing to all marketing & communication initiatives undertaken by the organisation to create awareness of and investment in the work of SOS Children’s Villages. The Head of Fund Development ensures the definition, implement and fulfilling of the medium-term FDC strategy reflected in the National Strategic Plan of the organisation.

Key performance areas:

• Effectively manage the department to increase and diversify funding and sponsorship opportunities by providing strategic direction, which includes the following areas:
- Corporate fundraising (donations, cause related marketing activities, donations-in-kind,etc.)
- Individual fundraising (sporadic and committed donations via direct mailing, online fundraising, Face-to-Face, digital, telephonic and bequest initiatives)
- Local and International sponsorships
- Institutional Funding from bilateral and multi-lateral donors
- Data Management and Analysis
- Donor Stewardship to ensure repetitive giving and donor retention
• Ensure credible, inspiring marketing initiatives are shared with all internal and external stakeholder groups.
• Act as the Public Affairs spokesperson for the organisation.

Main responsibilities:

1. Fund Development Strategy
a) Define, implement and fulfil the middle-term FDU strategy reflected in the National Strategic Plan and prioritise organisation-wide efforts for implementation.
b) Study market trends and recommend adaptions to the plan (as necessary) to drive funding growth.
c) Monitor SOS performance in relation to the plan.
d) Ensure the maintenance of the vision, objectives and values of the SOS Children’s Villages.
e) Conduct research and analyse trends to conceptualise and formulate innovative ideas and identify new opportunities for the fund development department.
f) Lead and direct proactively and understand best practices and trends and provide insight and guidance to SOS Leadership.
g) Actively engage in life-long learning via webinars, conferences and subscription to internationally recognized authorities and publications.

2. Project Management
a) Plan, monitor, evaluate and analyse all fundraising activities within SOS according to defined planning and reporting procedures and against defined and agreed key performance indicators.
b) Position the organisation as a strong and consistent brand among potential and existing supporters based on the vision, mission and values of the organisation.
c) Ensure adherence to global best practices, internal manuals and guidelines, and SOS’ planning and reporting procedural expectations.
d) Pursue opportunities for the country to internally and externally promote the organisation’s activities in order to increase the public recognition and to foster a positive image with the overall goal to support fundraising activities.
e) Drive fundraising innovation in all fields of fundraising like products, channels, target groups, analytic solutions, etc.
f) Identify ways in which to enhance the donors method of communication with SOS (eg. methods of payment, etc).

3. Financial Management
a) Provide input into the annual budget through consultation with service providers, specialists and SOS feasibility studies and calculations.
b) Manage actual versus forecast budgets monthly.
c) Analyse variances between income and expenses monthly.
d) Manage staff targets and activities monthly.
e) Compile and submit marketing, fundraising and communication reports to Management.

4. Strategic Relationship Management
a) Establish and manage a network of strategic partnerships and relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
b) Ensure enduring associations to assist in achieving strategic objectives
c) Foster National capacity-building in all areas of Fundraising.

5. People Management and Development
a) Providing strong leadership and direction to the SOS team and communicating the organisation’s vision and values.
b) Be an outstanding example of the ideal staff member and leader.
c) Set medium to long term goals and objectives for subordinates and actively monitor the progress of their achievement of objectives.
d) Develop and maintain a high-performance team, and regularly evaluate the performance of subordinates to ensure functional objectives are met or exceeded according to established policies and objectives.
e) Assure stable employee relations by managing conflict and creating a positive working environment.
f) Oversee workforce planning to ensure the team is suitably staffed to meet objectives taking into account various internal and external factors.
Head of Fund Development

g) Drive and manage all people-development initiatives to ensure team performance meets the required standards.
h) Ensure the work ethics are of such a nature that employees continuously strive towards improving their own performance.
i) Be knowledgeable in all associated fields in order to provide sound advice and guidance to team members.
j) Ensure professional recruitment, orientation, performance management and ongoing development of team members.
k) Ensure that the company culture is maintained and that employees live the values of the organisation.
l) Understand and apply legal obligations to behaviours and performance of self and others in the organisation.
m) Ensure compliance to all governance principles, minimum standards and relevant legislation.

Principal Accountabilities:

• Provide effective planning, direction and control of the development strategies and plans to achieve the fundraising targets and increase awareness of and support for SOS Children’s Villages SA.

• Optimise the net return from fundraising activities by controlling expenditure within approved budgets.

• Enhance existing and prospective donor/supporter relationships by ensuring exemplary, efficient response procedures and informative communications.

• Contribute to increasing awareness and favourable disposition for SOS Children’s Villages SA with relevant publicity, by the development of appropriate public relations plans.

• Contribute to the long and short term corporate plans for SOS Children’s Villages SA by providing advice to the Executive, senior management and appropriate committee structures.

• Monitor and report on information and trends in the philanthropic, corporate and individual donor sectors through contact with, and participation in professional organisations, seminars, “customer” contacts, media and other relevant sources.

• Contribute to the productivity of the Fundraising office staff and volunteers by motivating, leading, training and evaluating their performance.

• Supervise the management and maintenance of the website, donor file and information system on funders, media contacts and other useful contacts, and the stewardship of donor relationships.

• Attend meetings as required.

• Prepare monthly reports on departmental activities for the National Director and Executive (as required).

Main Tasks

1. Develop and Manage the Entire Fundraising Programme

a) Develop the Fundraising Programme:
• research and identify possible fundraising, media and marketing opportunities;
Head of Fund Development

• liaise with SOS staff and projects to determine needs;
• evaluate funding needs of SOS Children’s Villages SA;
• create and develop new ideas and projects based on needs and research;
• plan, direct and control fundraising projects once approved.

b) Manage Existing Fundraising Programme:
• liaise and plan with the National Director and appropriate committees on the future direction and growth of SOS Children’s Villages SA;
• monitor and direct the fundraising staff and programmes;
• be involved in key interactions with, and direct the corporate/trust/foundation/government/ international fundraising staff and programmes;
• develop and nurture existing donors;
• monitor the Donor Recognition Programme;
• monitor the Face2Face acquisition programme;
• direct the Special Events fundraising programme;
• monitor the bequest programme and bequest liaison staff;
• liaise with the appropriate service providers assisting SOS Children’s Villages SA with elements of the Fundraising programme.

c) Cultivate and enlist suitable volunteers to join and serve on committees established to assist SOS in the appropriate fundraising initiatives.

d) Monitor and be aware of other fundraising efforts within the sector in which SOS operates.

e) Oversee all other fundraising activities not delegated to the existing staff establishment.

2. Public Relations – in conjunction with the Communications department

a) Promote the activities of the Fundraising Department, its projects and programmes, to the various stakeholder groups through existing and new PR mechanisms.

b) Contribute to the promotion of SOS Children’s Villages SA’s visibility in the wider community.

c) Prepare and disseminate appropriate promotional and awareness material for specific purposes.

d) Be prepared to represent SOS Children’s Villages SA at meetings of industry forums, government forums, corporate/service club events, committees, the media and public.

e) Liaise generally with SOS Children’s Villages SA’s administration regarding the Fundraising programmes, both domestically, regionally and internationally.

f) Cultivate and encourage the active participation of management and volunteers in fundraising, social and PR activities.

• Develop in consultation with SOS Children’s Villages SA’s staff and committees a comprehensive annual calendar of events for public awareness and support and ensure the implementation thereof.

• Be aware in broad terms of all the services provided by SOS Children’s Villages SA and the related statistics in childcare and family strengthening in South Africa, of feedback relating to these aspects, and be prepared to report any extraordinary or interesting circumstances which may affect SOS’ operations.

• Monitor the donor stewardship activities to improve donor retention and to promote bequests/legacies to SOS.
Head of Fund Development

3. Edit Donor Newsletter/s

a) Understand the donor/supporter database so communications are tailored appropriately.

b) Approve all communications (e.g. Newsletters, Progress Reports, appeals) before publication.

4. Manage and Co-ordinate the Activities of the Fundraising Department

a) Provide direction for the staff and services of the Fundraising Department.

b) Co-ordinate and organise the overall activities of the Fundraising Department.

c) Meet regularly with staff to plan and monitor performance and measure against the agreed strategy and budget.

d) Provide leadership and support.

e) Initiate annual strategic planning for the Fundraising Department and involve suppliers and industry leaders.

5. Manage Staff

a) Provide leadership and support to staff.

b) Assess needs and provide staff with in-service training.

c) Annually appraise performance of individual staff members.

d) Provide guidance in terms of SOS policy, staff regulations and problem solving.

e) Together with HR, recruit, select and advise on appointment of staff in the Fundraising Department.

f) Conduct staff meetings on a regular basis.

6. Manage Finance

a) Determine the financial needs for the functions of the department.

b) Compile annual fundraising budgets.

c) Control departmental expenditure.

d) Liaise with Head: Finance and Administration.

e) Monitor income and costs on a monthly basis.

7. Attend Committee Meetings

a) Report on activities of the Fundraising Department.

b) Make recommendations on new developments.

c) Execute assignments as given by the Executive Committee and National Director.

8. Administrative Responsibilities

a) Research and initiate in consultation with staff to maximise the operations of:
- the donor programmes
- the bequest promotion programme
- the corporate/trust/foundation giving programmes
- Major Donors
- the international funding programme
- the Government funding programme
- auxiliary fundraising

b) Periodically review each activity programme with a view to:
- value for money
- benefits offered
- social trends
- new opportunities
- SOS Children’s Villages SA objectives

c) Prepare annual budgets relating to the operation of the Fundraising office, its administration and development programme.

d) Supervise the receipt, acknowledgement and despatch of all monies received.

e) Provide administrative support as appropriate for SOS Children’s Villages & Projects and volunteers associated with the Fundraising activities.

f) Co-ordinate the total programme for SOS Children’s Villages SA’s fundraising effort to encourage corporate giving, philanthropic trusts and foundations, government and international donors and individual donors.

g) Attend appropriate conferences, seminars and conventions to learn more about the profession.

h) Develop and regularly review the programme for fundraising.

i) Draft and update the “Case Statement” for current and future fundraising needs.

j) Identify and develop lists of potential strategic influencers and donors for all fundraising activities planned.

QUALIFICATIONS • Tertiary qualification in Fundraising, Marketing, Sales, Business Admin, International Business Development or the like.
• A Higher Degree in a related field or verified experience in Fundraising in the NGO sector.

EXPERIENCE • 10 years’ experience in Fundraising / Marketing / Sales
• 5 plus years managerial experience
• 4 – 5 years knowledge of various fundraising streams – local and international

Knowledge specific to the position:

• Understanding NGO`s operations, best practices and market trends.
• Understanding of the Child and youth development principles (Acquire on the job).
• Knowledge of programmes in an NGO environment.
• Good understanding of HR and Development.
• Strong negotiation, communication and networking skills.
• Good knowledge of Children`s rights (Acquire on the job).
• Good Knowledge of the sales process.
• Understanding of Quality Management principles.
• Knowledge of business and financial practices.
• Knowledge of relevant South African legislation.

Skills (Key technical skills required):

• Leadership skills.
• Strategic thinking skills.
• Creative and entrepreneurial skills.
• Time and resource management.
• Business acumen.
• People management and Networking skills.
• Decision-making skills.
• Good budget and financial skills.
• Communication and presentation skills.
• Planning, organising and coordinating skills.
• Relationship building skills.
• Conflict Management.
• Change management skills to effectively cascade down business changes.
• Time and resource management.
• Marketing skills
• Good working knowledge and use of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync)

• Drive for results
- Encourages others to improve performance.
- Displays determination and tenacity when encountering obstacles and persists in overcoming them.
- Sets challenging goals for self and team, working tenaciously to meet these.
- Sensitive to deadlines.

• Courage & Confidence
- Makes and stands by difficult decisions that may be unpopular explaining the rationale to others.
- Takes responsibility for the decision of direct reports.

• Conceptual Ability
- Proposes new ideas and insights which lead to business improvements.
- Consult widely and puts forward ideas to move a situation or problem on.
- Identifies the key issues in complex situations or problems.

• Delivery and continuous Improvement focus
- Ensure Business objectives are integrated into the day to day management of the fundraising programmes.
- Identify key performance areas/indicators that drive the business success and ensure that these are understood by his/her team.
- Regularly monitors performance against milestones and standards and takes swift action to deal with variances.
- Holds team accountable for the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Contact will only be made with shortlisted candidates.

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