Head of POP Verfied

Salary Negotiable Abroad more than 14 days ago 13-06-2022 12:32:12 PM
Head of POP (Finance)
Location: Mauritius
Our client in the Finance Industry is looking to hire Head of POP.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Increase customer and merchant subscriptions
• Increase revenue and profitability of the platform through fees, X-sell etc.
• Usage and transaction volumes
• Develop and grow the business relationships
• New Product and features offer, offer products, which are launched time to time, i.e., Seamless payments, Purpose specific Wallets, Value connected to social and environmental contribution….
• Liaise with Card Associations for facilitating the M&P commerce Business to ensure company.
• operates diligently with the card association requirements.
• Portfolio management: Activating and retaining the merchants and customers.
• Liaise with Suppliers / Service Providers on M&P commerce operational matters to ensure efficiency and prompt execution in operations
• Liaise with other Departments at company to facilitate M&P commerce Operations and ensure
• prompt and accurate delivery of service
Internal Process
• Optimise channels mix and synergies. Continuously analyse, review, and recommend redesign of functional processes to eliminate variations, remove nonvalue added activities, waste, bottlenecks, and delays.
• Monitor and improve service quality. Provide value added input to key stakeholders in the elaboration of processes, contracts, and communication to internal and external customers.
• Deliver performance dash boards which can be used for business decision making.
• Risk Management and Compliance: Ensure that the merchant and customers are meeting the guidelines prescribed by the company.
Learning & Growth
• Broad and in-depth knowledge of activities of the business to enable quick, coherent, and actionable functional and technological recommendations, and design.
• Expand Network at M&P commerce Trade shows / forums / events to broaden industry knowledge and enhance knowledge of business best practices.
• Investigate the latest trends in M&P commerce to identify potential new functional solutions to meet customers' needs.
• Acquire Training at Visa Business School, MasterCard Academy, and the likes to enhance
• existing skills and acquiring new ones.
• Visit existing and new Payment Service Providers and Merchants to strengthen existing customer relationship and acquire new clients
General Responsibilities
• Instill and act with accordance to the company’s vision, mission and values and deliver actions that positively contribute to the company’s culture.
• Comply with all statutory regulations.
• Undertake any other duties, accountabilities and responsibilities as may be required.

• Graduation in Engineering or computer science and Post-graduation in Marketing (MBA) preferred.
• Qualifications in project management related assignments At least 5 years of experience with a demonstrated track record in M&P commerce; project management, business analysis.
• Exposure to sales or concept selling in Banking and Financial services experience
Necessary Technical/ Functional Skills
• Strong understanding of data trends and technologies used
• High standards of accuracy and precision with excellent organisational skills.
• Proven ability to think strategically and act tactically.
• Effective assertiveness and proven ability to establish credibility across the company. The role requires
• pitching the product to senior officials in corporates of government bodies.
• Actively embraces rapid change and ambiguity.
• Articulate with excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Advanced excel skills and exposure to planning models.
Key Attributes and Competencies
• Supports others and shows respect and positive regard for them in social situations.
• Puts people first, working effectively with individuals and teams, clients, and staff.
• Behaves consistently with clear personal values that complement those of the organisation
• Communicates and networks effectively.
• Successfully persuades and influences others.
• Relates to others in a confident and relaxed manner
• Shows evidence of clear analytical thinking.
• Gets to the heart of complex problems and issues.
• Applies own expertise effectively.
• Quickly learns new technology.
• Communicates well in writing.
• Open to new ideas and experiences.
• Seeks out learning opportunities.
• Handles situations and problems with innovation and creativity.
• Thinks broadly and strategically.
• Supports and drives organisational change
• Plans and works in a systematic and organised way.
• Follows directions and procedures.
• Focuses on customer satisfaction and delivers a quality service or product to the agreed standards.
• Adapts and responds well to change.
• Manages pressure effectively and copes with setbacks.
• Focuses on results and achieving personal work objectives.
• Works best when work is related closely to results and the impact of personal efforts is obvious.
• Shows an understanding of business, commerce, and finance.
• Seeks opportunities for self-development and career advancement