HR Manager - Midrand Verfied

R 30 000-40 000 per month Midrand, Gauteng Midrand, Gauteng more than 14 days ago 04-05-2022 2:28:12 PM
29-06-2022 2:28:12 PM
HR Manager (JB1805)
Midrand, Gauteng
R30 000.00 R 40 000.00
Benefits: Medical aid, Provident Fund, Group Life Cover
Duration: Permanent

The overall management and development of all aspects of HR and Talent Management for the company, including:
Recruitment and Selection
Learning and Development
Talent Management
Management of the HR department
Compensation and Benefits positioning
Employee Relations

Minimum Requirements:
• Degree in Human Resource Management
• Minimum 5 years’ experience in HR
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in an HR Manager role

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assist with all payroll related matters and decisions.
• Ensure that all personnel members understand the company policies and procedures and ensure that all staff adhere to these policies and procedures.
• Assist with general HR queries and resolve them.
• Ensure that all policies, procedures and documents relevant to your area of work are up to date.
• Ensure that all departments and branches are aware of any employment changes in statutory regulations and changing legislation.
• Ensure that all employment conditions are in accordance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
• Ensure that succession plans are implemented for all major stakeholders.
• Ensure induction programme is conducted and maintained.
• Ensure ACFE membership is maintained yearly.
• Approve Organogram.
• Ensure medicals are arranged and manage overall procedure
• Ensure that CPI comply with statutory requirements and tenders such as ACFE and new legislations, mandatory grands, EEA, PSIRA.
Disciplinary Matters:
• Do a comprehensive investigation on any disciplinary matters of executive staff and advise accordingly.
• Advise and create verbal, written and final written warnings for all executive staff.
• Create notices to attend a disciplinary hearing for all executive staff.
• Attend and facilitate all CCMA hearings for executive staff.
• Ensure that all policies, procedures, documents are updated.
• Complete internal audit questionnaire and submit timeously together with the input of the team.
• Attend Internal and External Audits and attend meetings as required.
• Discuss with team at meetings and on-on-one sessions: risks, opportunities for improvement, training needs, ISO Policy, HR Objectives
Collective Agreement (NBCPSS):
• A schedule of employees must be sent to NBCPSS on the 8th of every month.
• Liaise with Financial Manager to receive the proper list.
• The payment must be made to the bargaining council by the 10th of each month
Covid-19 Reporting:
• Submit COVID positive reports and Return to Work spreadsheets on the Government portal every Tuesday of each week when positive cases are reported, or employees return to work each month
• Handle all grievances that are escalated to HR.
• Attend and follow the grievance process until a conclusion is made
Oversee Unions and Employee Organization:
• Ensure and oversee continuous communication between CPI and unions.
• Manage and authorize paid time off.
Oversee Recruitment and Appointment:
• Approve any new recruitment need by referring to the need, salary structure and budgets.
• Compile and advise on salary structures.
• Approve job profiles and job descriptions.
• Ensure that all employment contracts comply with company policies as well as statutory and legislative requirements.
• Approve and or create the offer of employment as well as employment- contracts and renewals
• Organize and manage all training, both in-service and external, that is required.
• Create and update the training needs spread sheet monthly.
• Approve and/or submit WSP and ATR submissions
Employment Equity:
• Facilitate the Employment Equity plan implementation process.
• Approve and submit annual EEA2 and EEA4 report.
• Create and update the Employment Equity plan.
• Serve as the EE Representative for the company.
• Arrange Employment Equity Forum meetings as agreed upon
Promotions and Transfers:
• Implement and update a promotion procedure.
• Determine the possibility to accommodate the promotion or transfer and provide feedback to the applicant.
• Ensure that all relevant parties are informed in writing of promotions or transfers
Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and Tenders:
• Gather and assist with all BBBEE information relating to Employment Equity and for training purposes.
• Manage all programs conducted to reach agreed upon BBBEE goals.
• Manage all documentation needed for tender purposes from the HR department.
• Ensure the YES4Youth program is activated in time on a yearly basis
Personnel Management:
• Manage the day-to-day activities of subordinates, this involves training and guidance daily.
• Create short- and long-term planning for the Human Resources department.
• Evaluate the performance of subordinates according to the implemented system
Performance Management:
• Create a performance evaluation system to measure the performance of all employees.
• Ensure the effective implementation of performance appraisals.
• Compile training needs from Performance Appraisals
Employee Wellness Program:
• Develop, implement, and manage the Employee Wellness Program.
• Create awareness of the existence and the benefits of the Employee Wellness Program
Employee Exit:
• Should a YES4Youth member terminate the employment contract a replacement must be sourced within a period of 1 month.
• Ensure all terminations comply with company rules and policies as well as legal requirements.
• Ensure that Exec. Provident fund documents are completed and submitted for withdrawal.
Ensure that Exec. Staff are aware of Medical Aid withdrawal options