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The incumbent will be responsible for the active and suitable tracking, auditing and management of the Signa Group and subsidiaries information, records and documents life cycle – from their creation right through to their disposal, including all aspects of relevant legal and statutory compliance related to information management.

• Grade 12 (Matric)
• Computer literacy with Google Suite, MS Office /O365
• Course certifications in the use and application of the Google software eco system
• A relevant diploma or certification in respect of Information, Records Management, Business Knowledge Management / Archives or a related discipline
• Demonstratable experience in an Information Management role.
• Familiarity or certification or experience within the knowledge domains of the POPIA Act and or data security and privacy
• 3 years or more Record Management experience
• Prior experience in the disciplines of Internal auditing or IT security compliance will be advantageous

The duties include the following:
Scope: ALL Electronic and paper-based documentation / records generated, shared or persisted with the Group

(1) RDMS doc & record Administration
? Provide leadership and oversee the business function of “Document Management / Record retention & Compliance” with the Group
? Conduct Information system administration
? Ensure Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 [POPI] compliance, auditing and control as a support to the Information Officers in the company
? Enforce Records and Document Management System [RDMS] and POPI rules
? Map, consider and apply folder structures and access permissions of the Google Drive Group Document RDMS from the business processes and business requirements
? Compile (and maintain an Information register detailing the data records, system wide, being maintained for:
o Personal Information; and
o other being corporate knowledge.
o Management of the information registers of the entities (see above)
o Maintain the business entities level of compliance in respect of record management archiving, retention and destruction of information as defined in the POPI Act
? Oversee and assist the RDMS administrator with the day-to-day management of sharing of documents and folders
? Support the Marketing department with relevant policies and links to websites and portals as far as they relate to POPI, Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 [PAIA] and information management
? Keep the storage spaces and RDMS system clean, so that there are no files and folders lying out in the Signa Google universe without a folder home.
? Design, draft, put in place and monitor, business information record classification schemes and undertake surveys as and when necessary to measure reaching target objectives
? IRO data retention , advise LOBs on record storage and relevant media requirements

(2) RDMS Security & Compliance Management
? From a document sharing and design perspective, assist with system security requirements to ensure information security and avoidance of breaches of personal and company information security
? Act as the central liaison to own and report on data breaches reported within the Group entities
? Assist and co-sign off with any change requests made by the entities in respect of their respective folder structures
? Annually review and update all IT and information policies
? Assess and audit end users - ensure they have the correct set up and help them with any issues to ensure that they are working where they should
? Ensure avoidance of duplication through monitoring and advising on Linkage on Bitrix, LMS and RDMS for a clear flow through in information management and consistency, and compliance to legislation.
? Monitor folder structures against business unit process flows and helps them to keep them simple, efficient and effective
? Manage and measure how Group entities maintain the standardization of naming conventions
? Report and ensure compliance for the outcome tasks relating to:
o Issues logged via the email service account (including remedial actions taken); and
? Actively partake and contribute RDMS and data record keeping expertise to Business Continuity planning and DRP (disaster recovery planning) activities being executed by management and the head of IT
? Monitor the management of electronic/digital and paper-based information and flag risks as well as advise safer and compliant practice
? At the end of every calendar quarter (4 x per year) perform the following Security Reporting:
o A review of all 3rd party document sharing (i.e. document sharing with parties external to the Group) making sure that every document shared link is set to auto-expire
o List the RDMS users and compare roles, positions and staff hierarchies to the Group HR staff lists. Report exceptions to the COO and the Head of IT
o Review the RDMS folders and identify:
? duplicate documents (for de-duplication)
? “orphaned” documents (to assign ownership)
? Aged documents (meaning any RDMS document that is older than 5 years and which may therefore fall outside the formal boundaries of legal retention
? Clean-up of any files maintained in the “ temp share drive” folder

(3) RDMS Communication and Change Management
? Act as the responsible party to communicate the objectives of both POPIA and the RDMS system to LOBs (lines of business). Communications ought to take place ideally 1 x every quarter and it can take any medium ( i.e. . poster, email campaigns, workshops, Google meet road shows etc.)
? Collaborate and interact with Group IT to assist with PC file sync methods and issues that may hinder effective use of the collaborative tools (RDMS) - lower level, and allow for LOB wide communications and interventions (together with IT) to ensure compliance and remedy of issues reported
? Ensure that full migration is completed (e.g. inclusive of integration of former FiB with/into SAC) and AIM old to new)
? Check with IT and then with every user connecting to the RDMS that a working version of the SIGNA antivirus software has been installed (and working) for every single LOB user connecting to the RDMS. ie the objective is to help make sure our company data is protected by an up-to-date antivirus software system for every user wishing to access and make use of RDMS data
? Contribute to driving change management and participate in capacity building programmes, inclusive of induction where required and champion /raising awareness on safe information systems and practices in accordance to the relevant Business legal statutory requirements

(4)Stakeholder Engagement
? Attend and report the RDMS folder statuses to the IT Governance and Steering committee
? Provide appropriate support to internal teams as required
? Ensure the appropriate professional engagement with the different levels of teams
? Maintain a customer service orientation when interacting with all stakeholders while always prioritize compliant yet practical implementation
? Evaluates existing document management systems and procedures to determine current effectiveness and efficiency and ensure these are reported to management and identify and recommend improvements to LOBs.

• Someone with IT understanding that can navigate information systems and understand the bigger picture and implications of any changes that are made.
• Can look at the back end and understand what they see and what needs to be done
• Familiarity with the following software: TeamViewer, Windows and Google drive, MS Office/ Office365 + Sharepoint online so that when a user needs assistance with Google file stream or records and documents and information management they can assist
• A good administrator, able to do project timelines and follow through systematically, going through them and updating and then following through with the different business entities.
• A good communicator who is able to influence people and sell them on the benefits of using a records, document and information system and a way of doing things.
• Self-motivated – independent worker
• Assertive and proactive individual
• Methodical with attention to detail is essential
• Able to work with diverse users and business units
• Understands the POPI and PAIA Acts and related Legislation and able to communicate it to managers and users alike.

Closing date: 18.11.2021
Required start date: 01.12.2021

Salary: commensurate with qualifications and experience

Recruiter: Signa Group