Internal Auditor Manager - Uitenhage

2019/11/27 10:05:21 AM
Minimum requirements:

Graduate qualification
Post graduate diploma in EDP Auditing or similar EDP Related education
3 years external auditing / controlling experience
5 years internal audit and practical EDP experience
Thorough knowledge of auditing techniques both in a manual and a computerised environment
Extensive work experience of analytical/forensic tools

Analyse and appraise complex operations using auditing and EDP processes in order to determine possible discrepancies that may have financial / security implications to the company and to report to the Board on audit findings to ensure that auditees implement desired proposals
Assist the Head Internal Audit with the development of strategic project auditing strategies and proposals based on procedures and operations, in order to minimize security and financial deficiencies
Inform auditees of deficiencies with regard to their processes and ensuring initiation of the necessary corrective actions which involves conducting discussions and meetings on high managerial levels during which the audit findings have to be explained and recommendations justified
Develop automated internal control systems for operations once an audit has been conducted in order to minimize risk
Provide a consulting service to audited departments in the formulation of adequate control measures by the evaluation of risk areas and relevant changes, e.g. to provide a safe audit process to areas in order to assist them with looking at their own control systems
Monitor EDP processes and Data Security activities for EDP Security and Data Protection by participating in regular EDP steering committees and advising and informing where necessary to ensure that EDP processes are stable and secure
Train and assist auditors in the development of their EDP and Audit skills in
order to provide them with the necessary tools to conduct audits effectively

Assist in the development of Audit related EDP programs and consultation with regard to the planning of audit steps in order to ensure that the auditing processes are efficiently and effectively managed
Participate in the daily change control meetings in order to ensure that changes made to corporate systems maintain the required control parameters thereby ensuring continuity of operations and ensuring that changes to be made are done so in such a manner so as not to interrupt the business operations
Attend and participate in the corporate risk management process as part of the team ensuring that all risks identified are adequately addressed to an acceptable level
Review all activity in the audit department so as to ensure that all EDP aspects are adequately addressed in all communications released from the department in the form of audit reports and investigations.

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