Procurement Controller - Stellenbosch

Reference: 5630 DB

Job Description:

The Procurement Controller will report to the Chief Financial Officer and will support and advise the Senior Project Managers responsible for the implementation of donor programmes. The Procurement Controller will be responsible for the production and upkeep of the procurement and supply chain policy.
Overall responsibility for supervision and monitoring of procurement planning and compliance with donor procurement requirements, including the review of procurement plans.
Study all donor agreements (especially those with stringent procurement rules) and have a good understanding of the procurement and related compliance requirements.
Supervise the execution of the procurement plans and ensure the correct templates and formats are being used by the respective programmes.
Backstop all requests for donor no objections that may be required for deviations from prescribed procedure as well as those required for specific thresholds.
Where donors expect that only the first RFP templates and contracts be submitted for a No Objection to approve the templates, the Procurement Controller will do quality control of all proposals after templates are approved to ensure quality is maintained to prevent audit queries.
Support the development of template procurement documents for specific programmes in line with donor requirements. Thereafter, ensure the templates are used correctly. Advise on updates to templates as appropriate.
Support programmes with the appointment of Tender Agents for major contracts that cannot be managed internally and coordinate the tender process for internally executed tenders in line with procurement and supply chain policy.
Provide procurement training to programme personnel on procurement-related matters.
Develop and circulate tools and guidelines to support programme personnel in their work.
Oversee, drive, enhance and optimise the business requirements of the procurement ICT system/s used.
Review and monitor procurement to identify potential fraud, maladministration, and areas with high residual risk for escalation to and review by management and internal audit.


At least five years’ experience with procurement in large development programmes, including a proven track record of experience working in different countries within southern Africa;
Hold a suitable qualification in Supply Chain Management or similar;
Procurement of goods, works and services (including both consulting and non-consulting services);
Management of contracts for the supply of goods, works and services (including both consulting and non-consulting services);
Experience with the management of upstream supply chains to ensure compliance with social and environmental safeguards and standards;
Experience with managing programmes with multiple donors;
Experience with institutional procurement practices – in particular KfW procurement rules and procedures – will be highly advantageous;
Working experience within a culturally diverse team and geographically distributed environment – with particular focus on SADC countries;
Proven track record of quality assurance, adaptive management and corporate governance especially related to procurement and programme management.

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