Product Manager - Pretoria

2020/03/18 8:01:46 AM
The purpose of the Product Analyst is the proper functioning of all areas of pricing and planning. The job entails preparatory works for all requirements in the price and planning management function of all products and services related to the company activities, including but not limited to the functions of, vendor price management, sales channel price and promotion management, product management, product planning management

Qualifications & Experience
Bachelors in Commerce (BCOM) in related field
Minimum of 2-5 years’ in Product Analytics/ Financial analytics experience and;
Experience in Product / Financial Performance Management
Extremely proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Key Responsibilities
Partner with product managers and clients to identify, document, and evaluate product requirements and roadmaps.
Analyse data to provide recommendations and reports on existing and prospective products.
Create, maintain, and update product information, and act as an expert internally and externally.
Perform user test sessions and market surveys to inform product development teams.
Implement existing product updates to meet the customer needs.
Assist in the deployment of new products.
Work with product design team to analyse and clarify product requirements.
Prepare and distribute product performance reports to customers.
Work with distribution partners to identify sales opportunities and to position products on key platforms.
Work with Product Managers in promoting products to improve sales and revenue.
Identify product marketing ideas and opportunities based on industry trends, current market environment and competitive trends.
Facilitate changes to product portfolio to improve competitive position and optimal product performance
Conduct the cost price analysis across all vendors (Accredited and Non-Accredited)
Product cost price analyses and comparison worksheet of the current cost price against new proposed cost price from vendor
Promotion pricing comparisons worksheet against current cost price
Cost price comparison against competing brands,
Preparation of vendor purchase price templates for uploading to the NAV system after confirming with the Product Manager
Cost price comparison against cost from other vendors / distributors of the same brand
Communicate to vendor all or any pricing queries and follow-up of credit notes and/or re-invoicing for the corrections and submit to the payables department after sign-off by Product Manager
Selling prices for each sales channel will be applied according to the approved sell price policy
The sell price policy amendments will be communicated by the Product Manager on demand and as required by way email communication and uploading the file to shared folder with the file version updated
Re-order planning perimeters are defined based on the ongoing data analysis, whereby amendments are effected every quarter except for when required immediately as an ad-hoc and/or on demand.
This preparation entails both the internal system and Web portals (Internal & external)
Any other reasonable instruction related to the department.

Skills & knowledge
Excellent communication skills(written and oral)
Creativity and vision and critical thinking skills
Analysis and problem solving
Motivated and energetic
Solution orientated
Able to focus attention on detail
Strong written and verbal critical reasoning
Excellent time management
People person
Ability to work independently

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