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R 50 000 to 65 000 per month Somerset West, Western Cape Somerset West, Western Cape more than 14 days ago 24-06-2022 7:56:47 AM
Product Manager (POS327)
Somerset West

Job Purpose:
As a Product Manager, you will have the responsibility to create and deliver on the product’s long term vision, backed by a leadership team and business that supports you in turning vision into reality. You’ll be accountable for leading a team through discovery, analysis, delivery and usage of solutions and features, advocating for customers and sharing context with your team. You'll connect with our clients to understand their needs, develop product strategy, prioritise and roadmap key features, and work closely with the product team to develop our solutions.

• Bachelor's degree in business or technology
• 10+ years of total work experience
• 2 - 4 years in a senior management role, ideally as a product manager
• A track record of success in either property management or financial technology
• Top-tier business acumen, curiosity, and familiarity with new technologies.
• Strong network and content knowledge in the local property management or banking space
• You balance working for tactical gain with progressing towards a long term vision
• You are confident using data to inform leadership, context setting and decision making within your team You enjoy getting your hands dirty, experimenting, iterating and delivering features to customers
• You’re passionate about great customer experience, making complex things simple, all while improving our users lives in the process
• You’re a keen collaborator with teams outside product, happy letting others take the credit for great work in order to make the most of the diverse talent

The PM has a customer focus and as such needs to spend time to:
• understand the industry and what it takes to be successful in the industry
• understand the customer environment in the context of the industry
• understand the different customer business models and processes
• understand industry best practise
• understand the customer pain points and driving customer priorities

The PM has a market focus and also needs to understand what the market needs from a product / solution perspective. As such the PM also needs to understand:
• The key competitors in the market and differentiating factors,
• Key stakeholders that plays in the market
• A strong understanding how the future of property management should look,
• strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses of the product in comparison with the market needs and what the competition is offering.

Product Business Plan
• The PM participates in the process to compile the annual Product Business Plan in consultation with and with input from all the various stakeholders. Once the business plan and associated product budget has been approved by the board, the PM will be responsible to manage the implementation of the business plan by working closely with all stakeholders involved.

The PM is responsible to manage the implementation of the Business Plan and associated Budget. This entails:
• Working with the Sales, Customer Success and Dev Teams to ensure that all teams deliver in accordance with the agreed Business Plan and Budget
• Escalating issues that cannot be resolved in accordance with the agreed to process
• Reporting monthly and annually to the board on progress against the business plan and budget.
• Taking corrective action in consultation with all stakeholders to address issues and deviations timeously

Closing Date: 30 August 2022