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Proof-reader (JB1354)
Market Related

Marketing Agency requires the services of a Proof-reader. Below are some of the elements that are critical to this role: Proofreaders are responsible for detecting and correcting errors in written documents. Their job description entails checking written text for misspellings and inaccuracies prior to publishing.

Skills & Requirements:
Minimum of a bachelor's degree in English, communication, or journalism.
2 to 3 years’ experience in proofreading or editing written content.
Knowledge of standard proofreading practices, procedures, and concept is also required
Attention to details: Proofreaders can identify and rephrase grammatical errors to ensure an error-free text.
Teamwork skill: They are adept at working with authors, editors, typesetters, and designers to publish comprehensible write-ups.
Spelling/Grammar Skill: They can correctly assemble words and apply them in writing.
Ability to collaborate with writers and designers.
Ability to meet multiple deadlines.

The key focus of the role is as follows:
Read and evaluate written text for grammatical and typographical error on both print and digital content.
Liaise with writers to determine the composition of specific texts in a document.
Compare typeset proofs against original copy to identify errors or omission.
Use word processors and other specialised software to make changes on typeset documents.
Evaluate the dimensions of page elements such as images, text spacing and positioning to ensure they conform to set specifications.
Ensure page numbers are in the right order and not repeated or omitted.
Analyse documents to ensure chapter titles match list of contents.
Use symbols which are standard and recognised by printing and publishing companies.
Mark corrections highlighted by editors/authors and ensure they reflect on the master set proof.
Rephrase written text to ensure document structure and content are consistent.
Stay abreast with grammatical development as well as new terminologies in a language.
Ensure illustrations are suitably captioned and referenced.
Contact writers directly to clarify grammatical inconsistencies related to style and text choice.
Forward proofread materials for approval and publication.
Ensure project is completed within set time constraints.