Rental Administrator - Johannesburg Verfied

Salary Negotiable Johannesburg, Gauteng Johannesburg, Gauteng more than 14 days ago 04-08-2021 8:02:37 PM
29-09-2021 8:02:37 PM
Listing all available units on Private Property/Property24.
• Checking stock list before it is forward to all agents weekly.
• Ensuring all necessary documentation is received.
• Perusing through the application form and supporting documents.
• Checking affordability.
• Requesting reference checks on tenants.
• Checking for any defaults/Judgements.
• Ensuring that correct information is added to the lease.
• Ensuring that the correct deposit is billed.
• Sending leases in PDF format to the tenant.
• Updating vacating schedule once the lease is sent and received.
• Ensuring signed lease is received back from the tenant, filed, scanned, and saved.
• Listing new units with the approved pricing on vacating schedule.
• Sending weekly updates to Sales Agents.
• Sending welcome packs to agents / prospective tenants.
• Sending lease agreements to Agents / prospective tenants.
• Updating the vacating schedule when the lease is sent and received.
• Ensuring that the signed lease and payment are received back from the tenant.
• Sourcing blinds and curtain railing quotes and ensure installation is completed before handover.
• Snagging new units.
• Listing Lease expiry dates two months before on vacating Schedule
• Communicating with tenants for renewals and negotiates lease period and increase percentages.
• Sending lease renewals and rent increases to tenants that are renewing.
• Updating the vacating schedule when the lease is sent and received.
• Ensuring that written notice is received when tenants vacate.
• Adding the vacant unit to vacating schedule and stock list.
• Sending demand letter and shortfall statements on the 2nd/3rd of each month.
• Switching off electricity on outstanding amounts on the 4th/5th of each month.
• Locking units if still outstanding on the 7th of each month.
• Checking that the 3 demand letters have been sent to the tenant.
• Ensuring that the tenant has been in arrears for more than 3 months.
• Capturing all tenants’ details and lease details
• Checking outstanding amounts that the ITC listing has been updated.
• Checking the updated invoice schedule monthly.
• Updating all lease renewals on the rental update schedule.
• Checking variable charges/penalties on invoice schedule and the variable charge sheet created on the MDA excel spreadsheet.
• Checking the pre-billing check.
• Ensuring that all invoices are sent out by the 25th of each month.
• Ensuring that all commission statements are correct and captured.