Residential Property Manager - Sandton

2020/01/30 12:30:58 PM
Residential Property Manager (KMT019)
R30 000 – R40 000 per month

Property Management company based in Sandton is currently recruiting an energetic, self-motivated Residential Property Manager who is able to work independently.
Queries and Reconciliations
Responding to matters raised by property owners, tenants and service providers within one day of receipt.
Responding to all queries in respect of rental and other charges (utilities, rates, interest, legal fees, recoveries, etc.) and maintenance within one day of receipt.
Attending to all reconciliations in respect of rental and other charges within one day of receipt.
Processing of all adjustments including ensuring that any credit or refunds due to the owners and/or tenants are processed timeously.
Filing of all correspondence in respect of the above.
Vacating tenants on MDA at the end of lease periods if the tenant does not renew its lease.
Filing of all correspondence in respect of the above.
Updating of vacancy notes on MDA when a tenant is vacated.
Receiving calls from ‘to let’ boards from potential tenants.
Showing potential tenants space to let and following up with potential tenant leads.
Helping to create leasing brochures.
Lease administration
Preparation of all offers to lease, including forwarding to tenant and ensuring that all signed documentation is returned timeously.
Obtaining approval under POPI requirements for and checking of tenant credit ratings with TPN, and obtaining Property Regionals Manager’s approval of tenant’s credit worthiness.
Preparation of all lease agreements, addendums, cession documents, etc.
Capturing of all lease details in MDA including all tenant details, printing of lease schedule reports and the checking & confirming of it against the lease agreement.
Forwarding of lease documentation to tenants and ensuring that all signed documentation is returned timeously.
Forwarding of signed lease documentation to the landlord for approval and signature and ensuring that all signed documentation is returned timeously.
Updating of leasing notes on MDA when an offer to lease is sent to a tenant or broker.
Updating of notes on MDA regarding progress being made in finalising lease documentation.
Ensuring that all FICA documentation are obtained, confirmed and filed with the signed lease agreement.
Maintain tenant files within the requirements of POPI.
Attending to all operations and maintenance issues for the property portfolio.
Securing, adjudicating and making recommendations in respect of service providers and contractors quotes.
Procuring, negotiating and concluding service providers and contractors contracts.
Preparing and issuing work orders to service providers and contractors with clear instructions as to what work is to be carried out.
Instructing service providers and contractors to proceed with work once the necessary approval has been obtained from the property owner and might be required.
Inspecting and accepting the work carried out by service providers and contractors.
Helping with the due diligence when purchasing new properties.
General Administration
Assisting the Property Regional Manager in respect of administration requirements.
Arranging meetings between the Property Regional Manager and the tenant where required.
Securing debit order authorisation instructions from tenants.
Filing of all correspondence in respect of the above.
Monitoring and helping to update the website.
Taking notes and minutes in meetings.
Monthly Responsibilities
Take-on and Handover
Capturing new building details into MDA, including loading owners, property and tenant details.
Monitor rental payments and manage rental debtors including capturing of recoverable charges (utilities, maintenance, etc.) legal process in accordance with the Company’s debtor management procedure.
Manage creditor invoicing and check, pay and process on MDA all creditor invoices including those of local authorities / utilities suppliers.
Month end processing including bank reconciliations.
Management and payment of VAT amounts due.
Reforecasting of budgets on the last working day of each month.
Preparing projected budget reports by the 6th of each month and presentation to the Property Regional Manager for any adjustments to be made.
Capturing of any adjustments to budgets, recalculating the budget and uploading the revised budget – all to be completed between the 6th and 12th of the month.
Management Reports
Preparing Trial Balance, Rent Roll and Owner Statements for each property before the 5th of the month, including making the reports available to property owners.
Preparing a full management reports for each property before 13h00 on the 17th of each month, including making the report available to property owners.
Owner Statements and Owner Payments
Close and run Owner Statements for the month before 09h00 on the 4th of the following month.
Run owner statements for the current month before 09h00 on the 5th of each month calculate the amount to be paid to the property owner.
Owner statement for the month to be sent to Owner together original paid invoices for that period.
Ensuring that all recoveries are loaded in respect of items deemed recoverable in terms of the Lease Agreement.
Updating market rentals on MDA by the 25th of each month.
Contacting tenants for turnover figures.
Prepare and manage relevant portfolio parking schedules.
Annual Responsibilities
Municipal rates recoveries adjustments including ensuring that all increases are captured against tenant accounts before the 15th of August each year
Municipal property valuations checking and advice accordingly to property owners.
Archiving of tenant files and building office files including management of files in accordance with POPI.
Audit lease agreements for to ensure rental and recoveries are correct.
Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal and organizational skills.
Numeracy and financial skills and appreciation.
Computer literacy and a thorough knowledge of the MDA property management system.
Ability to adapt to a variety of environments and work demands.
Ability to maintain a high level of sensitivity to client and tenants needs.
Willingness to work additional hours as the demands of the job might indicate.
Customer focused attitude.
R25 – 40 000 depending on experience

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