Sales Development Representative - Johannesburg

2019/12/10 11:41:47 AM
A Sales Development Representative (SDR), supports the Business Development Representative (BDR) team by working behind the scenes helping to pre-qualify prospects by finding and filling in data of target accounts, nurturing inbound leads, and identifying both suspects and prospects.

The role functions include researching, contacting, engaging and qualifying inbound leads/inquiries that are generated through advertisements. Initiating contact with potential customers is predominantly through phone calls, (outbound), cold-calling and email. Re-igniting and generating interests with known and unknown prospects will also form part of the scope of the role. Setting up meetings with customers for product demos, technical support, and system integration into the customer’s current environment.

Key Responsibilities:
Reach out to and develop contact with leads (prospects) by cold calling, emailing, and using social media etc to research, engage and build relationships
Pre-qualify lead (prospects) for the BDR team, by confirming and validating existing and new leads (prospects), via telephone, social media, research engines, etc
Maintaining client records – cleaning up and collecting lead (prospect) data for internal or external use by marketing.
Keeping systems accurate and updated with correct information regarding the prospect
Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs.
Understanding and promoting company programs.
Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities

Essential Qualification/s:

The successful candidate must have completed one the following in the last 2 years:
Business Administration/Management Diploma

Essential Personal Characteristics:
Able to work collaboratively within a team environment, whilst driving specific objectives individually;
Structured with great attention to detail
Customer-centric, eager to please and friendly
Driven for success and ambitious
Adaptable and flexible;
Goal and solutions orientated;
Passionate about Technology;
Passionate about learning and self-development;
Adaptable and flexible;
Professional and presentable.

NB!! Graduates over the age of 25 years and/or graduates who have not completed their relevant degree or diploma in the last 2 years will not be eligible for the program. Graduates in their final year will be considered based on their academic transcripts.

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