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2019/12/10 11:27:11 AM
Business Overview

Our motor dealer client have embarked on an exciting journey of automotive sales disruption in South Africa, providing our customers with a digitally immersive sales experience online and in real time. In keeping with this vision our client have launched their flagship Digital Dealership in Sandton and their Interactive Online platform.

Our philosophy is premised on the fact that buying a car is one of the most memorable experiences for anyone. Everything we do is thus built on creating a magical experience for every person who walks through our doors or interacts with our online platforms. Whether our clients are in the market for a well-loved second-hand vehicle or a luxury marque fresh out of the box, our client will help our customers rediscover the magic of finding their dream car.

Minimum Qualification
• Grade 12 is essential • Customer facing certification or diploma

Experience 1 to 2 years working experience in the motor sales industry as a sales executive Critical on the Job Skills Synopsis
• Ability to initiate and make a sale • Persuasive • Negotiation skills • Superior customer engagement • Able to work under Pressure • Transparent and honest • Deadline driven - ability to meet targets • Product, industry and service knowledge • Always treat clients honestly and fairly

Digital Literacy • MS Word: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Prior Industry related platform experience will be advantageous Working hours 9:00 – 18:00 Reporting Structure Reporting to the Sales Manager Role Description Achieve sales targets set by converting lead prospects into billable clients through the execution of effective lead generation; application management and deal closure. Contribute to a culture of customer service excellence by ensuring that every customer experience has been outstanding. Guarantee the efficient and profitable operation of the Sales Team and adhere to legal compliance to the FICA regulation, POPI Act, Customer Protection Act and National Credit Act Accreditation.

Key Areas of Responsibility

1. Lead Generation – 15% 2. Applications – 20% 3. Sales – 40% 4. Deal Closure – 20% 5. Product Knowledge Sharing – 5%

Key Responsibilities

Key Activities
1. Lead Conversion
? Leads are generated through marketing team and uploaded onto the CRM ? Manage personal social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn for lead generation as per social media policy to be in place to ensure brand integrity ? Broker lead generation via Calls, SMS and WhatsApp communication – 40% broker sales ? Generate/add 3 leads a day ? Enter full broker information on the CRM when adding a lead for a new broker. It is unacceptable to have ‘unconfirmed broker’ on the CRM. ? Broker commission will not be paid unless the broker information is loaded correctly on the CRM. The lead source on the CRM and broker payment requisition must match fully before payment can be made. ? Process all leads of prospective customers to generate a potential buyer base for sale of cars. ? Superior client engagement over the phone (telephone etiquette) and face to face measured by call recordings and client feedback ? A lead cannot be denied if a potential customer has not been engaged with. ? All reasonable efforts to be made to convince a potential buyer to make a car purchase before a lead can be denied. ? Ensure that data is accurately captured on lead source by ensuring that the deal sheet comments are captured correct. For example, a walk Inn from Facebook must be captured as Facebook/ walk Inn to ensure correct valuations. ? All interactions with a client and all work/updates done on a lead must be captured clearly onto the comments log of the CRM. A R1000 fine will be deducted off commission if you found to not follow this system. ? Queues to be worked on constantly to ensure no backlogs in queues. ? Be active on and use office what’s app groups for all work-related communication.

2. Application ? Complete applications from leads generated. ? Target of 3 applications per day or a minimum of 18 per week. ? Max 10 min turnaround time on calling a lead to discuss sale and do application. ? CRM generates the application to be completed. ? Do not take short cuts when completing an application and ensure that all details saved on the CRM for effective verification. Although the CRM generates and populates the fields from TransUnion the sales team have to confirm that every line of data is correct as the information from TransUnion can be old or incorrect. If staff are caught out not confirming the data, it will serve as a serious breach. ? Confirm with the customer the bank they would prefer to go through and update under the general comments on the CRM. ? Before the application is completed at form completion deal makers will manually approve the application by checking the customers ITC profile to determine if they qualify. Manual approval to be completed within 3 minutes. ? Submit completed application to the F&I for loading on bank system Signio for pre-approval. ? Bank will either approve or decline application. If the application is declined the F&I will send it to reviews for the Dealer Maker FNI to identify if they can remedy the application. ? Daily production measurement (completed apps, denied at lead verification, denied at manual approval) 20 per day
3. Sales ? If the client’s application has been approved the sales process commences. ? Target is 10 sales per month. ? Call duration target 1 hour per day on landline phone ? Superior client engagement over the phone (telephone etiquette) and face to face measured by call recordings and client feedback ? Continue interaction with client and attain the necessary FICA documentation needed to validate the client. ? Daily follow up on the Sales queue for deals outstanding, FICA docs, etc. to complete the validation process and convert into a sale. ? Upload the FICA documentation onto the CRM and send to validations queue for F&I to validate with the bank. ? Validation process is the confirmation of client income and employment, etc. ? A decline will occur based on – affordability, not fully approved, salary info, etc. or if the FICA documentation not correctly provided the bank will decline finance. ? Follow up with F&I Daily on validation status of potential clients ? If the client is Validated the Dealer Principal will initiate the deal making process to identify the best deals available for the person dependant on the FICA submission. ? Dealer Maker to assist all new Sales Executives for the 1st 3 – months with deal making with client to ensure that the stock on the floor is first offered to clients as well as upselling. Development process ? Sales team will invite the client in to discuss options or telephonically engage the client. ? First to try and sell the car from the showroom floor that is in the similar category of the deal required or from referral database. It is important to understand it is not possible to provide a client with a exact vehicle they want as we in the pre-owned space. ? It is important to explain the client the reality about their monthly instalments as it might differ as per advertisement as is dependent on their financial standing with the banks. If clients don’t qualify for advertised balloon and interest rate the instalments will differ. ? Be responsible when closing a sale and do not sell a vehicle to a client that is not affordable ? Do not confirm a deal or give a discount without sales manager or dealer makers giving the go ahead.
Please ensure accuracy of capture on the CRM and that deals are not sent to incorrect queues. ? No car should be held for anyone under any circumstances, it is strictly first one to pay or give delivery note that takes the car. ? The only exception will be if the Sales Manager authorises and client pays a holding deposit non-refundable. The invoice must have a nonrefundable disclaimer written and signed by both parties. ? All vehicles must be sold with spare keys unless extraordinary circumstances. Sales manager/ dealer maker to determine if no spare key will be supplied. ? Close the deal and call customer for signing and delivery ? Hand over to the customer care and F&I ? Please note support from offsite office as follows: - to assist with manual approvals - to assist with manual approval, dealer making and vehicle selection - Juanita to assist with application submissions - to assist with vehicle selection, deal submitting, validations and negotiations.
4. Deal Closure ? Call and SMS customer with delivery documentation required. ? All business deals require business traffic registration number and share certificate before delivery. ? Once final approval is in place please tag for invoicing on the CRM for Deal Makers to complete the invoice. ? Invoice is sent to F&I to draw a contract. ? Offer customer insurance options if they don’t have that in place ? Please confirm with the customers to arrive within business hours to take delivery of their cars. ? Welcome customers on the showroom floor and handover to customer care who takes over the documentation process with the F&I. ? Offer to purchase document to be accurately completed with client and F&I. ? Do not get involved in customer care when client is here other than ensuring the OTP is signed and confirmed. ? Viewing the delivery vehicle only when client arrives is unacceptable. Inspect the vehicle well in advance and notify customer care on any extra recon that you require. ? Take a picture with customer and car before they leave the showroom. ? SMS or call on day of delivery to ask client how their drive back was. ? A payment requisition to be completed when paying a broker or cash back must be sent to the Operations Manager who will verify if it matches the CRM and then will request payment from finance team. ? Monthly catch up with past customers from list generated from the Sales Manager. Find out how the customer is, are they enjoying their new car and remind them about the referral commission.
5. Product Training ? every team member will participate in a daily quiz on products in stock and general industry knowledge. A list of vehicles the quiz will be based on will be made available the Saturday before. ? Product training 60% minimum monthly acceptable average

Performance measurement targets Summarised
? Superior client engagement over the phone (telephone etiquette) and face to face measured by call recordings and client feedback ? Daily production measurement (completed apps, denied at lead verification, denied at manual approval) 20 per day ? Generate/add 3 leads a day ? Call duration target 1 hour per day on landline phone ? Superior client engagement over the phone (telephone etiquette) and face to face measured by call recordings and client feedback ? Call duration target 1 hour per day on landline phone ? Product training 60% minimum monthly acceptable average ? Sales target 10 units per month.

The demographics we would like to recruit into the business are as follows:

1 white female
1 black male
1 white male

Ages preferably between 27 and 35, with at least 3 years sales in a dealership experience, averaging min 10 units a month consistently.

Our offer to attract quality candidates matching the criteria is proposed as follows:
• R12000 basic
• R3000 travel allowance
• 0-7 units 8% GP and 5% 2nd gross
• 8 units up 12% GP and 7% 2nd gross (this higher % is only applicable from unit 8)

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