Senior Electrical Engineer

2011/12/29 11:46:39 AM


Senior Electrical Engineer – Transmission Planning  X1


Australia, Perth


Permanent (URGENT)

Type of Business:

Large Government Trading Enterprise


Salary package: Negotiable up to $155000 per annum depending on experience & qualifications

Benefits: Flexible salary package, Paid parental leave, Flexible working conditions, Generous annual leave, Staff social club, Assistance with further formal study, Relocation & Settlement Assistance for International candidates, Visa Sponsorship.


-          BEng Degree (Electrical) – essential, and must be eligible for Professional Engineer membership (MIEAust) with Engineers Australia

-          At least 10 years’ experience in a multi-disciplined power engineering role in an electricity utility business.

-          Extensive knowledge and ability to perform power system performance studies, transmission planning and/or forecasting/demand-side management. Must have experience performing dynamic stability studies using DigSilent.

-          Broad knowledge of transmission and distribution system plant and its application, including the planning criteria, specifications and design requirements

-          Engineering standards, regulations and procedures related to transmission networks

-          Proficiency in key computer systems and specialty application




-          Conduct detailed power system studies to analyse transmission network stability (dynamic stability, harmonic analysis, generator and load impact studies etc)

-          Ensure the development of long-term and short-term plans that permit the transmission network expansion to proceed in a coordinated manner with due consideration to planning criteria, funding and resource availability, and external works such as new connections or generation

-          Develop and implement technical criteria to meet organisational objects and governance requirements working to a divisionally approved framework

-          Ensure that such projects are developed to include scope, budgets, business cases and other documentation to obtain project approval, and to achieve project approvals in accordance with the enhancement program

-          Incorporate the impact of load and other forecasts, including impact of new block loads and generation, into the planning process

-          Analyse and assess technical solutions to planning problems, including costing of feasible options

-          Perform risk assessment, including development of contingency plans to deal with the risks associated with systems operating conditions beyond the Planning Criteria, unplanned delays of network reinforcements, unforseen load connections, etc

-          Analyse the impact of new generators and loads on the performance of the transmission network

-          Preparation of Project Definition Reports detailing scope of work, system and primary equipment parameters, etc, for identified system reinforcement projects

-          Improving processes, and using appropriate new technology where justified

-          Apply, review and revise the Technical rules, policies and guidelines for network investment, and Planning Criteria

-          Build professional relationships with internal and external customers and network businesses.

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