Senior Operations Manager - Durban

Senior Operations Manager (JB857)
Market Related

Sourcing and recruiting for a Senior Operations Manager to be based in Durban. The Operations Manager will be responsible for leading the daily operations of the business and branches according to the organisation’s strategic plan and within budgeted capital. The Operations Manager would be responsible for driving extensive and sustainable growth. Operations Managers with experience within the following sectors will be given preference: retail, entrepreneurial environment or financial/BPO environment or similar. Experience with a services industry is essential.

Educational requirements:
Post Graduate degree/MBA preference not essential
Experience in HR frameworks, Financial management, Marketing and Operations.
Experience in business management experience across a range of business disciplines.
Financial reporting capabilities including budgeting and cash flow management.
Proven track record of success facilitating progressive organizational change and development within a growing organization.
Excellent computer literacy is essential especially in MS Outlook, MS Word, and MS Excel.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Operations Manager:
Responsible for the attainment of the organization’s strategic objectives with specific
accountability for service delivery and operational performance.
Responsibilities include operational planning, operational capacity building, process
improvement, staff leadership and customer service.
Provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has
the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Operational Capacity, Building and Alignment
To oversee daily operations
To develop an annual operating plan that supports long-term operations strategy.
To assist in developing and overseeing the long-term business strategies.
To assist in overseeing the Organisation’s achievement and maintenance of a satisfactory competitive position within the industry.
Reporting on goals and material deviations from the goals or objectives and
policies established.
Ensure the development of health and safety practices and oversee compliance.
Assess and manage the principal risks of the Corporation's business within operations (proposals, projects and staffing).
Assist in establishing an appropriate organizational structure.
Ensure strategic objectives are translated into tactical business plans and monitor progress.
Ensure that business change projects are delivered
Ensure minimal duplication of efforts, maximum efficiency and to maximize value
for money.

Drive Business Direction:
Driver of the strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting of business requirements and decision-making process.
Build strong relationships with key external stakeholders, government, suppliers, etc. to ensure correct focus and direction for the Organisation.
Develop and facilitate planning across the Operations environment.
Ensure that risk is effectively addressed as well as compliance
Ensure that a proper infrastructure (building, systems and staff complement) is maintained and developed
Accountable for planning and opening of new branches in terms of expansion of the business and business plans.

People Management and Leadership
Foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, customer focus and service and encourages individual integrity.
Maintain a positive and ethical work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating a diverse group of top-quality employees at all levels.
Provide clear directions on strategic goals, translating and prioritizing them into business and performance measures.
Evaluate the performance of senior executives
Monitor the strict adherence to governance and setting high standards of professionalism across the functions.
Ensure that managers create effective workforce plans and recruitment demands plans for their areas.

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