Snr Registered Nurse - Somerset West Verfied

Salary Negotiable Somerset West, Western Cape Somerset West, Western Cape more than 14 days ago 04-01-2022 1:34:18 PM
SENIOR PROFESSIONAL NURSE: required in Somerset West, Cape Town.

Ensure the well-being of the residents in accordance with the policies and the registering Authority guidelines and to provide managerial support to the Manager – Healthcare and Nursing Services.


Ensure day to day management and organization of the units and wards.
Regular spot checks of Cardex, Drug Registers and relevant records.
Manage the checking of emergency trolley and all equipment as per Department of Health regulations.
Ensure formulation, planning and implementing of nursing care plans.
Liaise with the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Services to ensure that overall Health Care objectives are met.
To be present at all meetings with all members of staff.
Ensure communication between residents, their families, staff and Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Service.
Deputize for the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Service and take charge in her absence.


To be conversant with Administration policies and procedure of the Association for the proper running of Health Care and personnel management.
Suitable allocation of nursing and domestic staff with regards to experience, to cover all aspects of work units.
The management leave planning, drawing up and preparing duty sheets.
To assist the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Service with the interviewing and appointment of new staff.
Ensure orientation program according to capability and experience of each worker.
Assist the Healthcare and Nursing Services Manager with the disciplinary and grievance procedures.
Ensure that all registered and enrolled nursing staff submit their yearly receipts by 31 January each year.
Ensuring that an updated spreadsheet is kept pertaining to: compliments & complaints, bedsores, incidents, counseling sessions, disciplinary sessions, budget spending with regard to all operational line items.


To ensure schedule drugs/medicines are dispensed out under supervision of registered staff.
Schedule 5,6,7 drugs controlled in register and checked weekly.
Report medication errors to Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Services.
Check proper control of medication on receipt and return of schedule drugs to the relevant Doctor.
To supervise and teach nursing staff on all aspects of medicine administration.
To ensure that signature registers are in place.
Responsible for ensuring the standard of hygiene and effective control.
To ensure prevention of cross infection i.e. bedsores, scabies.
To supervise and teach nursing staff/domestic staff on all aspects of standards and effective control of hygiene.
Ensure that the proper rules regarding handling/sluicing of linen are observed by nursing and domestic staff.
Available to assist Professional and Enrolled Nurses by contacting doctors and residents families.
Ensure that the Professional and Enrolled nurse of the units carry out Doctor’s orders.
All urgent information regarding the patient’s condition is given timorously to the Doctor and that the information is accurate and up to date.
Ensure that in an emergency prompt action is taken to avoid endangering the resident’s life such as discontinuing drugs or treatment until medical help is available.
Ensure that advice is readily available by helping the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Services to update protocol and procedure registers.
Responsible for ensuring nutritional requirements of residents is effective.
Regular ward rounds at meal times.
Ensure adequate and attractive serving of meals to residents and feeding of helpless residents.
To supervise and advise nursing /domestic staff on all aspects of new procedures implemented e.g. foot care, skin care and activities.
Incident reporting on abuse, injuries, scabies, pressure sores.
Ensure that all records are kept in accordance with policy or regulations.
Ensure that statements regarding incidents are recorded as soon as possible – accurate recording to be sent to the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Service.
To supervise and teach all nursing staff on all aspects of incident reporting.
Create awareness to identify and prevent neglect and abuse of residents.
Responsible for ensuring sufficient supplies, maintenance of equipment and correct use thereof.
To ensure that the equipment and facilities are kept in good condition and repair.
Distributing, ordering and stocktaking of all stocks required, medical or otherwise for the proper conduct of business. Stock control with linen(quarterly), kitchen (monthly), furniture and equipment (yearly), medical/surgical stock (monthly).


Preparation of staff prior to admission of new residents and guide with care plan and ensure nursing process is implemented.
Ensure adequate control and care of residents’ clothes and valuables.
Ensure that nursing standards of Health Care are maintained.
Do regular ward rounds to ensure that procedures are adhered to.
Ensure that consent for operations is properly obtained. (where applicable)
Ensure that the records are kept in accordance with policy and regulations and that the staff is kept aware of these policies and regulations.
Ensure organization of staff duties to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Liaison between training school and trainees.
Ensure that the necessary facilities and equipment are available for teaching purposes.
To be conversant with all principles of teaching and have full knowledge of nursing procedures.
Ensure that nursing and domestic staff applies the teaching to their work.
Ensure that all new staff is given adequate information regarding their duties.


Control of equipment and supplies before ordering or requisitioning.
Ensure economical and correct use of stock, appliances, electricity, lights and water.
Observe proper use of resources and promote productivity.


Ensure regular fire drills and lectures are given on disaster handling to all staff and residents.
Ensure that all staff and residents are aware of the position of fire equipment and that they know to use them.
Ensure that all staff and residents are aware of emergency exits and availability of keys in red box.
Ensure that the fire regulations are complied with.
Ensure that the regulations concerning health, safety and environmental health are complied with.


Assisting with other duties which may be reasonably required to be performed as laid down by the Manager – Healthcare & Nursing Services.