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05 July 2020

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USA Student Work Visa

The US government allows foreign students to study in their country provided they secure a student or F1 Visa. This is required for every foreigner including residents from countries with Visa Waiver Program (VWP) with USA. By studying in the United States, the student can gain internationally recognized degree which increases possibility of employment and advancement of career.

Student Visa Processing

Application for a student Visa starts with admission from a recognized academic institution with a recognized degree or course for a student Visa. Once the applicant is accepted, he or she will receive a SEVIS I-20 or SEVIS DS-2019 form which should be filled out and presented to the local US Embassy.

An appointment should be made with the US Embassy and along with the SEVIS I-20 or SEVIS DS-2019 form; additional documentation should be presented such as passports as well as application for student Visa forms. Payment is required before an appointment is made to the US Embassy. The US Embassy will decide if the applicant will be granted with a student Visa.

Working While at School

Foreigners with F1 Visa could still find employment however they are only allowed to work within the campus where they are currently enrolled. Outside the school, an F1 student should first apply for Curricular Practical Training or CPT. They have to find employment that are also in the same field or industry to their current degree. Other forms of employment are not allowed for those who are in F1 Visa.

Employment After Completion of Degree

After completing their degree in the USA, a foreigner under F1 Visa could find employment by applying for an Optional Practical Training. This allows the Visa holder to become a full time employee. The company they usually work for is in the same industry of their educational attainment.

While working full time as an OPT, the Visa holder could also ask their employer for a sponsorship that will eventually lead to H-1B work Visa. Many students who have earned their bachelor’s and post-graduate degree on F1 Visa can easily find employment and sponsorship for work Visa because of their education.