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21 October 2019

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Work in Canada

Canada is constantly on a lookout for qualified individuals who wanted to work in the country temporarily or permanently stay as a working immigrant. But even though the demand is high for skilled individuals in different industries, everyone still has to go through a process of selection before they can be granted entry.

Temporary Work Permits

Every foreigner who wishes to work in Canada temporarily should secure temporary work permits. This document should be secured before entry as this is a requirement along with passport and other documentations. The temporary work permit is processed on the local embassy of Canada. Unlike other countries wherein an employer could process the permit in behalf of the individual, the person seeking the permit should appear in the embassy. They have to provide documents as proof that there is a job offer and the company offering the said job is legitimate.

Aside from a job offer and an employment contract, physical examination is also a requirement. This is especially true for those who wanted to stay in the country for more than six months. Medical examination is also a requirement for persons who have stayed in the same country for more than 12 months.

Immigrant Workers

Foreigners can also apply to work permanently in Canada. They do not need any employment contract but they have to show that their skills, education and experience will benefit the country. Canada uses a point system wherein each skill and educational achievement has specific scores. To be granted with an immigrant Visa that will allow them to work, they should reach required points set by the Canadian government.

Employment Scenario in Canada

The most popular jobs in Canada are technical and construction skills as well as health related degrees. Many caregivers are working in Canada because of their expertise in caring for the kids and the elderly. On the other hand, engineers and architects with extensive experience in their home country should easily find work in Canada. This is also true for those who have enough experience and expertise in the IT industry. The point system for Canadian immigration is a good indicator on the demand for specific work. Skilled individuals that are really needed in Canada will usually get higher points.