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16 October 2019

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Work in Israel

Foreigners are allowed to work in Israel as long as they have a valid work Visa issued by the Israeli government. This type of Visa could be obtained before entry or during the stay of the foreigner in Israel with a tourist Visa. In order to obtain this type of document, a foreigner should seek a local company that would sponsor or endorse the employment. The government department in charge for issuing work Visa is the Ministry of the Interior and they are also the same branch who will stamp the foreigner’s passport with their employer’s name.

Limitation of Work Visa

Foreigners who obtained work Visa will only be allowed to work on the specific task previously indicated in the employment contract. For construction workers, they are only allowed to work up to 211 hours a month. Other industries are only allowed to work 185 hours in one month. Employees will be given two days off: Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The decision to choose which days will be regarded as days off usually depends on the employee’s religion. Employers should allow no less than 36 hours of weekly rest to their employees.

The work Visa issued to foreigners is only good for one year. Even though the agreed contract stipulates that they will work for more than a year, every foreigner should renew their Visa annually. Granting of extension depends on the Ministry of Interior.

Rest and Paid Vacation

Aside from weekly rest, employees should also have two to three weeks (14 to 21 days) of paid vacation. The decision to grant the paid vacation depends on the employer and they are usually handed out at the end of the year or the start of the following year. Complementing the paid vacation are nine days of religious holidays. The number of days allowed for religious holidays match the number of Jewish religious holidays.

Employees who wanted to work during holidays will be granted additional compensation based on labor laws of the government. Foreigners can also opt to transfer to another employer as long as they notify their company at least one month. Anyone can also opt to resign from their job as long as they inform the Population Registry in the Ministry of Interior about their current status. They will be given a temporary Visa allowing them to stay in the country for one month to find another employer.