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14 October 2019

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Work in the Middle East and Dubai

The Middle East especially Dubai is constantly on a lookout for additional help from foreigners to develop the region. While they do have manpower that can cover most of the jobs, aggressive development in the region requires additional help from foreigners around the world. The demand for manpower is an opportunity for those who wanted to experience a highly unique culture while gaining financial independence from work.

Employment Opportunities in Different Industries

The aggressive development in the Middle East and Dubai suggests that the most popular jobs are related to construction. Engineers and architects can easily find employment in this region because of the heavy construction in different parts of Middle East especially in Dubai. Laborers, welders and other construction related jobs are also open to qualified and experienced foreigners. Aside from employment opportunities related to construction, other industries are slowly increasing their demand for manpower. Health and the IT industry in the Middle East are increasing their demand for support and manpower from foreigners.

Work Visa Required

Work Visa is a requirement for foreigners who wanted to work in the Middle East and Dubai. Foreigners should seek employers who are willing to hire them and sponsor their work Visa. The document can be processed in behalf of the foreigner before they enter the country or the sponsor can process the document while the foreigner is still in Middle East or Dubai as tourists. But foreigners who have just received their work Visa should go out of the country and re-enter to activate their work Visa. Additional documentations such as passport and employment contract should be prepared to properly process the work Visa.

Customs, Traditions and Laws

When working in the Middle East and Dubai, it is important to remember that Islam is the predominant religion and their religious belief is intertwined with their laws. This is a very important information every foreigner especially the non-Muslims should remember because they could run into trouble with the law without even knowing it. It is important to learn their customs, traditions and practices so that time spent in Middle East and Dubai can reap financial rewards.