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27 May 2018

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Work in Australia

Australia has a very unique appeal. It’s an isolated country and continent with unique landscape and natural settings. The culture and laid back attitude of the locals has also made the country appealing to foreigners as their way of life focuses on simplicity. Many visit the country to experience the unique culture, landscape or even employment.

Working in Australia is possible through temporary work Visa or through skilled immigrant Visa. Foreigners who will be entering the country to work for four months to four years should obtain work Visa before they can start working. To obtain this type of document, an employer sponsor should ask for authorization in hiring foreigners for specific skills. The employer should show that local employment is not an option because of the lack of available skills or local manpower. A temporary foreign worker should have complete medical and psychological check-up before their Visa is granted.

It is also possible to seek employment in Australia even without a sponsor. However, they should show skills, competencies and experience that are really needed in the country. More often than not, this type of Visa leads to immigration or permanent residency.

Work Conditions for Foreigners

Foreign workers in Australia will enjoy full benefits just like their local counterpart however; they cannot access social welfare and public health care. For this reason, it is highly recommended for foreign workers to obtain any form of health insurance recognized in Australia. It is also required by the government that their job is full time and should be skilled. Their position and their responsibilities at work should also be specified before they are granted entry in the country. Changes to the said conditions are not allowed once employment has started.

Temporary Employment Leading to Permanent Residency

Normal procedure for skilled immigration is also applicable for temporary workers who are opting to stay in the country permanently. They should show competency on specific skills that are considered an urgent need for the country. Australia is following a point system that determines the capability of an individual to permanently stay in the country. They should reach a specific score before they could be granted migrant worker status.