Agronomist / Plant Physiologist - Bloemfontein

2019/10/05 5:15:25 AM
Clover’s corporate strategy is to build onto existing competencies within the Group and to establish a culture of exceptional performance with a view to set a platform for future market expansion.


Conduct experiments or investigations in field-crop problems and develop new methods of growing crops to secure more efficient production, higher yield, and improved quality
Visiting fields to collect seed, plant, and soil samples and testing samples for nutritional deficiencies or other changes.
Conduct trials
Report writing and analysis
Provide information or recommendations to Clover SA farmers regarding ways in which they can best use land to promote plant growth
Develop new or improved methods or products that promote crop growth
Conduct experiments to develop new or improved varieties of field crops, focusing on characteristics such as yield, quality, disease resistance, nutritional value, or adaptation to specific soils or climates.
Investigate soil problems or poor water quality to determine sources and effects.
Study ways to improve agricultural sustainability, such as the use of new methods of composting.
Conduct research to determine best methods of planting, spraying, cultivating, harvesting, storing, processing, or transporting horticultural products.
Conduct research into the use of plant species as green fuels or in the production of green fuels.
Conduct experiments investigating how soil forms, changes, or interacts with land-based ecosystems or living organisms.
Data analysis
Investigate responses of soils to specific management practices to determine the effects of alternative practices on the environment.
Investigate responses of soils to specific management practices to determine the use capabilities of soils and the effects of alternative practices on soil productivity.
Study soil characteristics to classify soils on the basis of factors such as geographic location, landscape position, or soil properties.
Develop ways of altering soils to suit different types of plants.
Identify degraded or contaminated soils and develop plans to improve their chemical, biological, or physical characteristics.
Perform chemical analyses of the microorganism content of soils to determine microbial reactions or chemical mineralogical relationships to plant growth.


An MSc in Plant Sciences, Biology, Microbiology, Agriculture or related field is essential
A minimum of 5 years of work experience, preferably with research and development
Must have done and be willing to do pot and field trials
Must be familiar with plant physiology research, microbiology and scientific methodology
Good project management skills
Must be innovative, entrepreneurial and enjoy working in a team
Possess excellent presentation skills, speak English fluently and you have a good understanding level of Afrikaans and/or willing to learn the language

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