Finance Manager - Johannesburg

2019/11/07 1:22:57 PM

1. Purpose of the Role

1.1. To support the Chief Financial Officer in the execution of the finance functions.
1.2. To maintain effective and efficient management and control systems to ensure sound financial and supply chain management within the SETA.
1.3. To manage and control the SETA’s payroll and all related activities and outputs thereby ensuring that the right people are paid the right amount at the right time.

2. Key Responsibilities

2.1. Strategic Management

? Formulate and implement the consolidated finance functional operational plan.
? Manage regular review of financial management delegations of authority.
? Manage formulation and regular review of financial management policies.
? Manage the implementation and regular review and updates of financial standard operation procedures.
? Set component and individual performance and service delivery standards and monitor achievement for relevant finance staff
? Contribute to the development of a positive public image of the SETA by the communication of objectives, successes and constraints.

2.2. Financial Analysis and Evaluation
? Compile monthly detailed revenue projections.
? Reconcile and report on all sources of revenue.
? Manage, reconcile and report on levy income.
? Analyse financial information to promote the efficient use of resources and procedures.
? Conduct financial analyses to accurately quantify the financial implications of operational decisions.
? Investigate complex financial transactions and prepare reports summarising the findings.
? Manage the audit process through effective coordination and preparation for financial audits.
? Prepare reports regarding audit findings, outlining discrepancies and recommending corrective action.
? Compile the annual financial statements in accordance with generally recognised accounting practices and submit to the appropriate stakeholders on time.
? Present the financial state of affairs of the SETA, its business, financial results, its performance against predetermined objectives and its financial position in the annual report and audited financial statements.

2.3. Annual Budgets
? Design and prepare a budget template which best suits the entity’s reporting requirements
? Ensure all Managers are properly informed as to the information required for the completion of the budget template and the deadlines by which completed budgets are to be submitted by
? Oversee and co-ordinate the budgeting process to ensure all Managers submit required budgets on time
? Consolidate the total entity’s budget by required deadlines
? Ensure all entity budget reporting is met by required deadlines
? Manage, reconcile and report on budget allocations.
? Provide input regarding the formulation of the operational budgets.
? Ensure timely monthly reporting against budget.

2.4. Financial Management
? Monitor accountability for and achievement of financial management objectives through meetings, reports and objective assessments.
? Ensure effective, efficient, economical and transparent use of SETA resources.
? Ensure all accounting systems and are adequate and are optimally utilised
? Manage available working capital efficiently and economically.
? Oversee the settlement of all contractual obligations and payment of all money owing within the prescribed or agreed period.
? Ensure effective and appropriate disciplinary steps are taken against any employee who contravenes or fails to comply with financial management prescripts of SETA or undermines the financial management and internal control system of the SETA.
? Manage SETA salary and payroll administration.
? Manage SETA ledger and debt account reconciliations.
? Ensure monthly and annual system closures are completed in accordance with accounting requirements.

2.5. Payroll
? Ensure payroll for all employees is completed and payslips are distributed by the 19th of each month
? Prepare the IRP5 documents for all employees
? Complete and reconcile the EMP501 return for the entity and submit to SARS before the specified deadline
? Submit all PAYE, Skills Development Levy and UIF returns with the correct information, in the required format and by required deadlines
? Ensure all payments are made to SARS within required deadlines
? Prepare all statutory returns and ensure that these are submitted by the required deadlines
? Prepare and submit all other returns required in the required format and by the required deadlines

2.6. Asset Management
? Monitor and manage the achievement of asset management objectives and ensure that:
? asset and consumables registers are in place, accurate and updated at the predetermined time.
? asset acquisition, management, maintenance and disposal are in accordance with SETA policy guidelines and performance standards.
? the asset register is reconciled with acquisitions on a monthly basis.
? asset and consumables stock takes are conducted on an annual basis and results monitored, reported and actioned to better secure SETA assets.

2.7. Functional Management
? Manage and develop staff within the context of the Labour Relations Act, Employment Equity Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Skills Development Act.
? Monitor staff performance and provide regular feedback.
? Manage staff activities, ensuring service levels are met and protocols are adhered to.
? Coach and support staff where necessary to achieve objectives.
? Manage staff leave and general time management issues in line with organisational deliverables and standards.
? Manage and deliver on succession plans to enable the development of a future generation of leaders and specialists and ensure optimal turnover and retention levels are maintained.
? Champion staff training and development through the utilisation of available training opportunities or contributing to the development of new training solutions.
? Conduct regular meetings and ensure that records are kept and shared across the team and that action plans agreed to within team meetings are delivered upon.

1. Knowledge
? Supply chain and financial management legislative and regulatory framework
? Management accounting principles and practices
? Budget management principles and practices
? Supply chain management principles, practices, methodologies and systems
? SETA operations and processes
? PFMA and Treasury Regulation Knowledge

2. Skills

? Excellent communication skills
? Strategic thinking
? Analytical thinking
? Demonstrate sensitivity, respect, honesty and fairness in interactions
? Advanced computer literacy (particularly with excel)
? Ability to work under pressure

3. Attributes
? Initiative and assertive
? Tolerant of stress and pressure
? Attention to detail
? Proactive
? Deadline driven
? CA(SA) qualification
? Minimum of 6 years finance and accounting experience, of which 3 years should be at managerial level
? Public Sector experience

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