Financial Manager - Schweizer-Reneke

2019/07/23 11:04:10 AM
Financial Manager
The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:
Advise on the financial consequences of internal and external decisions
Be discrete when dealing with confidential information
Develop and direct systems to record and analyse costs
Develop accounting and management policies and procedures
Develop management and financial reporting systems
Ensure the company meets its compliance under relevant laws and regulatory authorities
Handle month-end accounts
Maintain and reconcile records of financial transactions
Verify recorded transactions and report irregularities to senior management
Data collection and analysis
Maintaining and reconciling records of financial transactions
Managing financial risk by acquiring, looking after and investing funds
Preparing reconciliations of all accounts
Preparing regular reports and summaries of accounting activities
Preparing strategic plans, budgets and financial forecasts
The preparation of financial statements and budgets

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