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Feel like your career is ready for the next step?

We are looking for young talented developers who feel like traditional career progression seems a little slow for them. We are looking for devs who are ready to start architecting their own projects, working within or even leading a team, to take a project from the prototype phase through to market.

We are a company that believes the most growth happens when we do things we are not yet qualified to do. Mistakes are natural, they are also often the times when we learn the most. We hire the type of people who challenge the way things are done, who risk failure in the pursuit of efficiency, who learn at ridiculous rates and who share their learnings with those around them. 

Why start by telling you this?

At Specno things happen fast. In the last 2 years we went from a 2 person Silicon Valley style garage startup to a +20 person team. Within 6 months of starting most of our people are running their own projects, managing the new intakes, getting opportunities to do things way beyond what the normal person is capable of doing at that stage in their career.

This growth doesn’t come easy. We hire the best, and give them the support and context needed for them to succeed at whatever is in their path. High-performance people thrive in this environment, they are surrounded by and learning from other high-performers, everyone pushing each other to be the best, and things get done.

How do we manage this?

We have taken the best parts of Google, Valve, and Netflix to forge a culture that attracts and retains the best, and scares off the rest. From Google we have adopted their ethos of having a happy, healthy and connected workspace - our office culture is unrivaled. From Valve we have adopted the idea that no one has a fixed role, and you can move yourself to any area that creates the most value - we are all building this company and all have the power to influence what it becomes. From Netflix we have adopted many of the values and policy styles to allow high-performers to thrive.

What do we actually do?

In short we do startup acceleration. We are trying to understand the startup ecosystem better than any other agent in the country. We are developing a playbook that increases the success rate of startups taking their idea to market. We design and build their ideas, and help them create a venture around their idea. Every project is completely unique and a new challenge. You will often be building projects from scratch and churning out a beautiful product within 6 Months.

What are our requirements for the role?

+2-6 years experience in node and a frontend Framework (We use Angular)
Some experience in AWS or Firebase (Our backend stacks)
Experience with agile processes (We follow lean development)
Experience in or leading a team (Our teams have BA’s, designers, 2-4 Devs, QA)
Understanding of the full SDLC. We are not looking for someone who has built a few features here or there or done some maintenance. You will need a holistic understanding of the projects you work on, and might be architecting a few of them yourself.

Our recruiting process: CV -> questionnaire -> interview -> technical assessment -> second interview

Recruiter: Specno