January 2022 Internship - Cape Town Verfied

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Why is this a great opportunity for you:

Well to start, you should know that this is a very unconventional company. This is a Silicon-Valley style tech startup with free food, office scooters, zen gardens, fatsacks, and where you are surrounded by some of the smartest people you have ever met. 

We are all young, self-driven, and talented. The company started as a garage startup during uni and we grew to over 20 people in the first two years, it was only after 20 people that we employed our first person over the age of 25. We’ve never accepted traditional career growth.

We give our teams the opportunity to perform tasks above their qualification - it’s when they grow the most. Our office mantra is that we give you the opportunity to fail, but the context and support needed to succeed. We can do this because we hire the type of people that will put in what it takes to succeed.  

What will you get out of the program?

We have always been serious about finding a way to bring Silicon Valley to Cape Town, pushing the industry ahead, and growing the startup industry as a whole. Part of our mission is ensuring we are giving back to the community in the form of education, and hopefully, that allows us to connect with some of the most talented people entering the workforce.

Our program acts as a 5-week intensive program to allow young professionals with the opportunity to absorb all the knowledge we have learned over the last 3 years, to make you highly employable, and give you an opportunity to see how incredible it is to work at a high-performance startup where you will be valued and where your growth will make corporates look completely dull. 

We have a network of hundreds of startups, software, design, marketing businesses. It’s flattering to see the number of offers people get when they start working at Specno. 

What does Specno do and what would you learn?

Specno has become one of South Africa’s leading software development and design agencies, and we have become the market leader in taking startups from idea to market. In short, we accelerate ideas and build ventures.

What you will learn of course will be specific to the position you are applying for. Essentially you are learning what goes into app design. As a System Analyst, you will learn how to scope out an idea and how to work with designers and developers to finally produce an MVP application. As a designer, you will be spending your time learning how to design for development and as a developer, you will be working in a team to build the application.

Who should apply:

This will be a work-hard-play-hard program. The work will be challenging and you will have to learn a lot, but we put a lot of effort and capital into making sure it is a really rewarding and fun program. 

That being said we have a very competitive program and can only afford to take a select few candidates. We are prioritizing people with creative degrees. Only the best will be offered part-time or full-time employment by our team, but as mentioned this internship will completely equip you for the industry.

We are looking for candidates who are hungry to grow, to make an impact on the industry, who want to break the status quo on what traditional career growth looks like, and who strive for excellence. We want candidates who take ownership of their work but who work well in teams.

Ultimately we want people who add to what we are building. This is a startup - you have the power to create the future you want to work in. 

The details:

The program will be a 5-week program - taking place from the 10th of January 2022 to the 11th of February.
Specno will be able to contribute towards any expenses you incur during the internship - food, fuel and spending money.
You will need your own device, but arrangements can be made.
As mentioned, it is a competitive program so we will need to see what you are capable of - CVs and technical assessments will help a role, but aptitude to learn and culture will play the biggest role.

What the application process looks like:

Send in CV with some of your work. > Interview with our team > Skill assessment (Can be used in your portfolio) > Interview/discussion with the founders.

Recruiter: Specno