Programme Manager - Sandton

2019/12/05 5:54:08 AM
The Programme Manager will be responsible for preparing student reports and evaluating academic and student-related processes and operations. He/she will respond to requests for information as needed, and perform other duties as assigned.

• Evaluates and interprets academic and student related policies, procedures, and rules.
• Final accountability for ensuring correct and complete project data prior to embarking on final reporting.
• Responsible for coordinating activities between departments to achieve overall project success.
• Ensuring accurate and completed data on LMIS prior to close off.
• Partnering with the relevant Departments ensuring that all academic processes have been smoothly integrated into the data required for audit and analysis.
• Accuracy and quality of database and reports.
• Evidence of correct project data i.e. spreadsheet, trackers and project files.
• Tangible feedback from departmental managers.
• Print out data from LMIS.
• Printed report indicating all data integrated accurately.
• Identifying and assessing customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction.
• Preparing customized product or service reports by collecting and analyzing customer information
• Following communication procedures, guidelines and policies.
• Building sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication
• Keeping records of customer interactions, processing customer accounts and filing documents.
• Reports indicating correct customer information.
• Number of complaints by customers or compliments documented
• Analysis of customer interactions.
• Ensuring that the client is up-to-date as per timetable events.
• Responsible for ensuring projects are executed as per academic process and there is no deviation thereof.
• Accuracy of projects vs academic process report.
• Continuous development on academic process to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
• Responsible for the timely and effective resolution of all types of queries relating to the project, raised by both internal staff and also by our external business partners.
• Responsible for the escalation of appropriate issues/problems to the Operations Manager in a timely manner ensuring effective and prompt resolution in the interests of providing a responsive and professional relationship with our business partners.
• Effectively gather information from relevant departments to reach a consensus and propose a solution on all investigations.
• Ability to resolve issues and problems showing initiative and creating evidence of this in the form of reports.
• Record of information, investigations and resolution.
• Resolving client queries and discrepancies.
• Assuming responsibility for implementing the academic process for new project take-ons.
• Incorporating any new products or additional products to an existing project that you are responsible, ensuring smooth incorporation of these products into the existing database and current reporting process.
• Analysis of any new project take on, taking ownership of the process.
• Identifying opportunities which can add value to our business partners in unique and creative ways with the purpose of becoming trusted business partners.
• Producing ad-hoc reports and information as per our business partners requirements.
• Providing excellent customer service through on-going engagement, responsiveness and diligent resolution of problems/issue raised by our business partners.
• Anticipating and resolving issues before they are highlighted by our business partners.
• Opportunities identified and implemented
• Identify current and future needs based on strategic planning and company vision.
• Find critical roles and identify incumbents’ profiles.
• Plan and conduct gap analysis.
• Re-evaluate

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