Senior Spares Specialist: Towers Verfied

Salary Negotiable Not Specified more than 14 days ago 18-03-2024 1:01:45 PM
My client is seeking a Senior Spares Specialist with experience specifically related to towers to manage the availability of maintenance and capacity upgrade spares, including related supply chain support requirements and control stock that includes the management of stock levels and reconcile assets within the region. This is a 12-month contract.

Qualification and Experience
Degree in relevant field.
Substantial experience in inventory or stock control roles, particularly in managing spare parts.
5 - 8 years’ experience in a technical role related to the industry or sector, providing a solid understanding of equipment and spare part requirements.

Core competencies, knowledge, and experience:
Proficiency in inventory management practices, including forecasting, stock control, and order fulfilment.
In-depth understanding of supply chain processes, including procurement, transportation, and logistics.
Technical competence in understanding maintenance and capacity upgrade spares for the specific industry or sector.
Familiarity with equipment specifications and spare part compatibility.
Strong analytical skills to interpret data related to spares usage, stock levels, and supply chain metrics.
Negotiation skills to effectively deal with vendors, ensuring favourable pricing and terms.
Ability to assess vendor performance and make recommendations for improvements.

Roles and Responsibilities
Take accountability for ensuring the availability of maintenance and capacity upgrade spares as per operational requirements.
Implement strategies to optimize stock levels and prevent shortages.
Manage related supply chain support requirements for spares, including procurement, transportation, and inventory management.
Collaborate with supply chain teams to streamline processes and ensure timely spares delivery.
Implement inventory control measures to minimize waste and optimize storage.
Take responsibility for reconciling assets within the region, ensuring accurate records of spares and their movements.
Conduct regular audits and reconciliations to maintain data integrity.
Collaborate with vendors to negotiate pricing, terms, and delivery schedules for spares.
Ensure adherence to quality standards and establish effective vendor relationships.
Coordinates receiving, documentation, storage, and shipping of materials.
Performs weekly cycle counts and monthly physical inventories to verify inventory levels in company systems.

Recruiter: talentCRU