Procurement Manager - Sandton

- Provide timeously and effective procurement services to the Company and all its subsidiaries that have elected to use the Company's procurement policies and procedures
- Reduce and mitigate the risk of procurement related irregular expenditure

Procurement Department Management:

- Develop, implement and communicate procurement policies and procedures adapted from globally recognised Best Procurement Practices
- Analyse and forecast current and future procurement expenditure
- Monitor price fluctuations in key commodities, services and products, by monitoring Cost Indices, and taking the necessary corrective action to ensure that expenditure remains within budgetary parameters
- Negotiate the best possible terms and pricing of new and existing contracts
- Minimise excessive expenditure through effectively managing the Procurement Department budget whilst consistently identifying and initiating cost saving initiatives
- Conclude and manage Service Level Agreements and Contracts with all internal customers and external suppliers and resolving conflict between these parties
- Ensure that goods are delivered as required and timeously to customers, requestors, originators
- Minimise the delays in issuing of purchase orders


- Manage the tender process, ensuring that all tenders are executed within the parameters of the South African Government Guiding Laws and regulations i.e. PFMA, PPPFA, Treasury Regulations, BBBEE and MPRDA
- Draft tender Terms of Reference for approval by the Tender Committee
- Ensure that tender protocols are in place
- Monitor the effective execution of tender contracts
- Handle and resolve conflicts on tender related matters with suppliers
- Determine the best approach to inviting proposals
- Ensure that draft contracts are created to support approved tender
- Chairperson of the Tender Evaluation Committee

Procurement Committee:

- Advise Procurement Committee on Procurement Best Practices
- Review proposals for submission to Procurement Committee
- Assist originators on drafting of Proposals for the Procurement Committee
- Ensure compliance with delegation of authority

Contracts Management :

- Lead the negotiation of high value (above R500,000) procurement of goods and services to ensure that the Company and its subsidiaries save cost and receive best value for money
- Manage, coordinate and monitor the drafting, finalisation and review of contracts to ensure compliance with contract provisions,
- Review contract renewal and organize contract extensions to ensure vendor performance management and timely delivery of goods and services

Black Economic Empowerment:

- Ensure that potential BEE suppliers are identified and a comprehensive database is created and maintained
- Ensure that the Company and its subsidiaries comply with Government initiative of Economic transformation by quarterly reporting on BEE spend and progress against targets set to Company Exco
- Investigate the background and financial position of a supplier to ensure its sustainability
- Explore opportunities to target BEE suppliers in tender process
- Provide BEE vendors with advice and support during the tender process
- Thoroughly evaluate existing and new suppliers through proper rating criteria
- Drive the BEE Procurement throughout the company to achieve BEE
- Measure the company’s BEE efforts through the use of scorecards
- Implement the correct procedures enabling clear distinction between a genuine BEE company and BEE ‘window dressing’

Staff Management:

- Manage the procurement of goods and services via quotations by monitoring the performance of the Procurement Officers
- Training the Procurement Officers
- Identifying developmental area’s and implementing relevant external training

Vendor Management:

- Manage and optimise supplier performance, including identifying area’s of improvement and innovations
- Establish, monitor and maintain a central register of suppliers, this includes the development of a comprehension and relevant data base
- Ensure that all suppliers used by the Company and its group of companies comply with government laws and regulations
- Negotiate equitable payment terms with suppliers that are advantageous to the cash flow of the Company group

Customer Relationship:

- Maintain good internal and external customer relationships
- Facilitate the communication of customer requirements
- Manage supplier disputes and conflicts with the company ensuring that the Company is protected at all times

- Excellent Computer skills
- Good written and verbal
- Experience in managing budgets
- Administrative skills
- Strong Ethics


- B.Com Degree
- At least 4 years experience in Procurement/ Supply Chain Management
- Valid drivers licence

CLOSING DATE: 17 August 2012

EQUITY REQUIREMENTS: Open, however, first preference will be given to Equity Candidates

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