Risk Manager - Cape Town

A Specialized Financial Services Group is looking to hire a Risk Manager to safeguard its customers, reputation, assets and the interests of stakeholders by identifying and managing all threats to the achievement of its business objectives. This often involves risk financing including insurance purchase. Responsibilities: Manage the process of identifying and assessing the risks affecting the business The primary focus for a risk manager needs to be the identification and elimination of any risks that may result in property loss, injury, or legal liability. The risk manager needs to take constant steps to analyses any areas where the company is exposed to risk. They must assist management to reduce the risk exposure to an acceptable level. Oversee, and in some areas implement, the plan of risk control actions (e.g. purchase of insurance or other) risk financing options, health and safety measures, liaison with regulators, business continuity plans) Monitor, evaluate and challenge the organization’s success in managing its risks Maintain and update the enterprise wide risk register. Ensure that risks identified and captured and that the risk register is updated by the Risk Managers in business where applicable Ensure that appropriate risk management policies and procedures are in place and updated as required. The risk manager must be able to communicate to senior management what risk issues are and be able to provide them with a plan to minimize risk. The risk manager must be able to produce status reports regarding the level of risk associated with any given area of the business Most of the company insurance will go through the risk manager's office.

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